Scottish Fold Cat: Breed Information

by Vivvy A
Scottish fold cat lying down

The Scottish Fold Cat is a medium-sized cat with Scottish roots. With the folded ears and big ears, the Scottish Fold is easy to distinguish. Besides her unique physical features, she is an intelligent and social breed that will fit any family setup.

Altogether, the Scottish fold cat is moderately active; however, that doesn’t mean she won’t enjoy chasing toys around the house.

Scottish Fold cats love company. If not staying with you, she will be happy to be in the company of another cat breed.

All along, give this cat affection, and you will receive it back in surplus.

Scottish Fold Cat History

The Scottish fold cat breed started due to genetic mutation, and it all started from a cat called Susie. Susie was a mouser who resided on a farm in Scotland. This cat was popular because of her unique folded ears.

One shepherd known as William became interested in this cat breed; thus, he bought one male kitten from Suzie’s litter. He named this kitten Snooks.

Snooks had kittens, and one of the kittens was bred with a British shorthair, and the resulting litter had folded ears. These kittens from the litter were labeled as lop-eared cats; however, the name was changed to Scottish fold as a way of recognizing their origin.

Scottish fold cat licking nose

Cat geneticists determined that the gene mutation for the folded ears was dominant in this cat breed. Such implies that breeding a Scottish fold cat with other cats will bring up a litter with folded ears.

Worth noting, breeding two folded ears cats is prohibited. The reason being the resulting litter will have physical deformities.

Also, the Scottish fold reached the USA in 1971. And as a surprise, the Scottish fold is not recognized as a cat breed in its country of origin.

Scottish Fold Cat Size and Appearance

As earlier stated, the Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat. Males weigh between 9-13 pounds, whereas females weigh 6-9 pounds.

You ought to know; these are averages weights; your cat’s weight and size may differ from what’s stated; however, not with a huge difference.

The Scottish Fold appears in either a long or short coat, with the fur being dense, plush, and soft to touch.

Also, the cat comes in a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns.

Scottish fold cat walking

Some of the Scottish Fold’s coat patterns are solid, tortoiseshell, tricolor, and calico. You can also find the Scottish Fold with these coat colors, white, blue, cream, red, silver, and brown.

The Scottish fold cat has round and bright eyes, separated by a slightly protruding nose. The eye color of this cat can vary, and often it depends on the coat’s coat color. For instance, you will find bicolor cats with blue eyes.

This cat has a round body with a plush tail capping its beauty.

Highlight: Scottish fold cats are born with straight ears. However, as they turn four weeks, the ears may start folding or not.

Scottish Fold Cat Personality and Temperaments

The Scottish fold cat has even temperaments. Even with the unique ear structure, this cat is never afraid to express her emotions using them. She will lay them down when angry or raise them when she hears you washing her favorite bowl.

Scottish fold cats love attention, although that doesn’t imply that they are clingy or overly demanding. Furthermore, the Scottish Fold is the perfect lap cat, but she will love lying close to you on the couch.

Also, the cat loves company; she will not be happy if left alone for long hours. Leaving this cat for long hours may cause her to develop separation anxiety.

If you cannot get a pet sitter, this cat will be happy if in the company of another cat.

This cat relates well with other pets. However, they must never be unruly or become nagging to this cat.

Also, this cat loves children, and she will like playing with them if only they also don’t become rough or disrespect her.

While at that, children need to learn how to handle this cat’s ears. They should learn ear pulling is never encouraged.

Scottish Fold Cat Grooming and Care

The Scottish Fold will not demand a lot when it comes to her grooming needs. However, that doesn’t exempt you from giving her constant coat brushing. Get a fine bristled brush to keep the coat free of mats and loose hair.

Brushing the coat thrice a week will be better than nothing. Besides making the cat look good, brushing the cat’s coat will help spread the natural oils all over the body.

What about bathing? Is it necessary? Bathing your Scottish Fold is not advisable. The regular bathing sessions may clear away the natural flora and oils found on the coat of your cat. To make the cat smell good, bath her twice a year with a cat-friendly shampoo. And always remember to familiarize your cat with this grooming session while it’s still a kitten.

Scottish fold cat lying down

While grooming this cat, don’t forget her folded ears. Remember to clean them weekly. Wipe off any excess wax and debris. Also, when cleaning the ears, use a different cloth for each ear. You can use 50/50 parts of water and apple cider vinegar to ensure your cat’s ears are sparkling clean.

Remember to trim the nails. If the cat is not comfortable with you touching the nails, get a cat’s scratch post which will help shorten the nails with ease.

Scottish Fold Cat Exercise and Training

The Scottish fold is an intelligent breed that needs interactive toys to test her physical strength and puzzle toys to challenge her intelligence.

Although she is moderately active, the Scottish fold will love playing with toys when you are not around.

Training the Scottish fold is not a cumbersome task as she’s always eager to show off and grab her owner’s attention.

Scottish Fold Cat Diet

The diet of the Scottish fold needs monitoring as she is susceptible to obesity. And such can be aggravated by her inactive nature.

Giving this cat the proper diet and following the right feeding schedule is encouraged. As an obligate canine, ensure your cat has a large portion of proteins in her bowl of food. Spice up with a few vegetables and few fats, and you will enjoy having a physically healthy cat.

This cat will thrive in a diet of wet, dry, or a combination of both.  While at that, remember your kitty’s diet will depend on her size, health status, age, and energy levels.

If not sure of what is suitable for your cat, ask your vet for guidance.

Scottish Fold Cat Health Issues

The Scottish fold is a healthy cat breed. However, there are some health concerns you should watch out for.


Anemia occurs when the red blood cells count in the Scottish fold drops below the average level. Common symptoms are lethargy, low appetite, and rapid breathing.

Chronic Renal Failure

You will note that your cat is drinking a lot of water and urinating severally.

Joint Disorders

Scottish fold cats may develop arthritis on their tails and leg joints which can be painful.

Additionally, remember to adhere to your cat’s vaccination and deworming schedule.

Scottish fold cat sitting on window

Where Can I Get A Scottish Fold Cat?

There are various sources that you can get a Scottish fold cat


Reputable breeders will give you healthy cats that you will love having in your home. Remember, don’t be in a rush to buy your kitten from a breeder. Please do your research; it’s not guaranteed you will find the right kitten immediately; you cover many miles or wait over six months for you to get your kitten.

And as always, avoid backyard breeders who will sell you unhealthy kittens. A reputable breeder will be ready to show you all the kitten’s health certificates.  Remember to check around the breeding area – and don’t buy from a breeder who is not concerned about his kittens’ welfare.

Here is where you can check for reputable Scottish fold breeders

Scottish Fold Cat Rescue Centers

You can find this beauty in rescue centers. If possible, adopt before you shop. These cats in rescue centers need you.

As a reprieve, cats in these rescues are well fed, vaccinated, spayed, or neutered. And as compared to breeding centers, they are cheap.

Check at these rescue centers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Scottish Fold Cats

Is The Scottish Fold Cat Hypoallergenic?

No, the Scottish fold cat is not hypoallergenic as he produces enough dander and lots of furs that contain the glycoprotein Feld 1 that triggers allergic reactions.

How Much Does A Scottish Fold Cat Cost?

A Scottish fold from a rescue center can cost from $50 to $100. If you decide to get your Scottish fold from a breeder, the price can go as high as $2500

Are Scottish Fold Cats Good With Children And Other Pets?

Yes, the Scottish fold cats can thrive well in a home with children. However, as earlier discussed, children ought to learn how to interact with this cat. Also, the Scottish fold relates well with other pets.

Scottish Fold Cat Summary

The Scottish fold cat has unique ears; however, that does not affect her sweet temperaments. Give this cat all the love and attention she needs in your home, and you will have an excellent home companion and experience. We wish you all the best!

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