Maine Coon Cat: 11 Things To Know

by Vivvy A
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The Maine coon cat is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Maine coon cats are like kittens in a big cat’s body with its playful nature and lively temperaments.

Its shaggy but luxurious coat has made this cat become one of the most coveted pet.

If not cuddling on your laps, the Maine coon cat will be happy to rest beside you on the couch. This cat is adaptable to any environment if only it receives the love and attention it desires and deserves.

History of The Maine Coon Cat

Various theories try to explain the origin of the Maine coon cat.

One theory says that domestic cat breeds are bred with raccoons to give forth to this cat and such can be somehow authentic looking at the tail of the cat breed. However, such a combination is biologically impossible.

Queen Marie Antoinette wanted to be free from France with her kittens which were Maine coons.

The ill-fated queen didn’t reach North America as she was executed. However, her kitties managed to sneak into North America through one captain called Clough.

Maine Coon Cat.

Another theory has it a sea captain called Coon brought these lovely felines on the northern coast of America during his expeditions.

However, the most plausible theory is that Maine coon cats arrived in Maine’s region through seafarers who used these cats in their ships to control rodents. When they arrived in Maine, these cats mated with native short-haired cat breeds to bring forth this furry friend.

This cat almost became extinct in the 1900s after the rise of other exotic breeds like the Persians and the angora cats.

However, since the 1950’s the Maine coon cat has risen to be one of the most popular cat breeds in America.

Physical Apperance of The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine coon cat is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. This cat is masculine and well-boned –and its weight ranges from 9-18 pounds.

Another highlight of this cat is its coat. The coat is shaggy, however, silky and soft to touch. The coat is shorter on the shoulders but longer on the stomach and the upper part of the hind legs. The Maine coon has a ruff of hair around the neck that resembles a lions’ mane.

Capping all this beauty is a long furry tail that these felines love showing off every time. The Maine coon cat has a medium-sized head that is longer than its wide with a squared muzzle.

This cat’s ears are medium in size, and they tend to have tufts of hairs on the tips. Maine coon cats have wide oval-shaped eyes which can have different color colorations. White Maine coon, cats tend to have bluish eyes.

The legs of this cat are medium-sized but masculine. The paws of this cat have tufts of hair which traditionally worked as snowshoes.

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The cat also comes in a variety of coat patterns and coat colors. One variety of this cat color is that of an orange Maine coon cat.

Orange Maine coon cats often resemble a ripe orange. According to CFA’s breed standards, this breed should have a deeply rich, brilliant red accompanied by shading.

Pure orange Maine coon cats are often rare. You will find these orange Maine coon cats being Smokey or striped.

Worth noting, orange Maine coon cats have pheomelanin that gives them this unique coat color. While at that, humans who have red hair possess the same melanin as the one found in this cat.

Another variation is the white tabby Maine coon cat, and the most predominant are Red-white tabby Maine coon cats and brown-white tabby Maine coon cats.

Brown and white Maine coon cats have a brown background; however, they have white fur on their bellies and four paws.

Red and white tabby Maine coon cats have a red background with white markings on their paws and bellies.

Even with their coat colorations, these cats possess the same temperaments and behaviors as other Maine coon cats.

Maine Coon Cat Temperament and Personality

Often referred to as gentle giants, the Maine coon cats possess remarkable personalities. These cats are always meek, affectionate, and loyal to their owners. If not lying close to its owner, the Maine coon cat is happy to follow you all over the house while waving its furry tail.

Although these cats love attention and affection, they are not nagging whenever their needs are well met.

Though not noisy, this cat will always have an opinion about everything. This cat will be glad to use its trills and chirps to express itself.

Furthermore, as social animals, these cats hate it whenever they are left alone – all they desire is your companionship.

These cats love children and pets with their loving nature- however, children should learn how to interact and play with this cat every day.

These cats love being picked up and carried around with love. Furthermore, rats and other rodents will not find a haven in your house whenever you possess this cat. These cats are excellent mousers, and they won’t tolerate sharing the same house with any of these rodents.

If they are no rodents in your house to chase, Maine coon cats are happy to chase and retrieve toys around the house.

Also, the Maine coon cat, unlike other cat breeds, loves water. So don’t be amused when you find this cat splashing water or when it won’t stop accompanying you to the bathroom.

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Maine Coon Cat Exercise and Training

The Maine coon cat is one of the most intelligent cat breeds. This cat loves learning new tricks to please its owners. With its ability to play fetch and also how it is easy to walk this cat on a leash, most Maine coon cat fans refer to this breed as the dog of the cat’s world.

This cat love toys that will challenge his intelligence and also meet his physical needs. Maine coons love chasing and pouncing on everything in the house with their large round paws.

Socialization is great for these cats so be sure to socialize your Maine coon while it’s still a kitten.

Grooming and Care For Maine Coon Cats

You need to take care of this cat if you want it to look and feel good and more emphasis is needed on its coat. Use a fine-toothed comb to remove all dead hair and follow up with a detangling rake to remove tangled knots and mats, which can be painful.

If not done daily, ensure you brush this cat’s coat twice weekly. Brushing this coat will help spread the oils that this cat produces daily. Also, use baby wipes to clean any fecal matter that may stick on this cat’s tail and the lower part after it’s trip from the litter box.

These cats are sensitive to the hygiene of the litter box they use; thus, always ensure the litter box is clean and not smelly. If you cannot clean the litter box daily, you can acquire an automatic litter box, which will ease your workload.

Remember to give your Maine coon cat a bath, however not daily. Two bathes per year will be better than nothing.

If you notice that the nails of this cat are tearing and injuring your skin, it may be time to trim them down. Remember to use a nail clipper that is pet-friendly. Cutting the nails once every two weeks is preferable.

Clean your Maine coon cat’s ears every week. You can use 50-50 parts of warm water and apple cider vinegar. Use a clean towel for each ear to avoid transmission of infections and speak to your vet if you notice any discharge or odor when examining your cat’s ear.

Diet and Nutrition of Maine Coon Cats

Even with its enormous size, the Maine coon cat needs no different diet but remember to give your cat food according to its age and size.

Also, don’t free-feed your cat as it can lead to obesity. Consult your vet on the best feeding guideline suitable for your Maine coon cat.

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Cat Health Issues

Unfortunately, this feline is susceptible to many diseases that we will look at in this section. Nevertheless, we could eliminate such diseases if we, as cat owners, sourced our cats from credible breeders.

These are some of the diseases that Maine coon cats may suffer from.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Also known as HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a hereditary disease that causes the heart muscles to thicken. Unfortunately, the symptoms of this disease appear when the cat is around 5-7 years. And one of the symptoms is death.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Spinal muscular atrophy causes the weakness of the muscles and affects the spinal cord of Maine coon cats. First, your cat will lose the functionality of its muscles. Such cats appear weak and are always hesitant to walk or jump.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Also known as PKD, polycystic kidney disease occurs when cysts develop in the cat’s kidney tissues.

Patellar Luxation

Patella luxation occurs when the knee cap slides from the original place on the leg. And such a condition is often painful.


With their big size, these cats tend to eat a lot, which predisposes them to obesity.

Lifespan of Maine Coon Cats?

With this cat’s size, most people tend to ask, ‘how long do Maine coon cats live? Maine coon cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years.

Are Maine Coon Cats Hypoallergenic

Do you have allergies and wondering whether the Maine coon cat is hypoallergenic? The Maine coon cat is not hypoallergenic as it produces enough Fel d 1 protein that can trigger allergic reactions.

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Where To Get A Maine Coon Cat

You can get a Maine coon cat from a breeder or shelter. However, before considering the buying option, it’s best to try and adopt a Maine coon cat. Compared to cats in breeding centers, cats from shelters are cheap, and they are already vaccinated and dewormed.

Breeders of Maine Coon Cats



Maine Coon Rescue Centers


Maine Coon Cat Price

 Maine Coon Cats KittenAdult Maine Coon Cat
From Breeders1000-2500 dollars800-1500 dollars
Rescue Center100-200 dollars50-100 dollars

Worth noting, prices from breeders are high as they have invested in screening the parents and kittens. Also, they are responsible for the entire maintenance cost of the cat, which can be expensive.

On the other hand, getting the Maine coon cat from a shelter will not cost you a fortune.

Maine Coon Cat Summary

The Maine coon cat is a big feline with remarkable personalities that no other cat can match. Its lovely and sweet disposition has made this cat a darling for most families. If you own a Maine coon cat or you are planning to get one we hope you found this helpful.

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