About us

by Vivvy A

Please allow me to introduce Cleo, my enchanting and charismatic fur baby. She’s a remarkable 8-year-old grey tabby cat who is full of personality and charm.


Cleo was bestowed upon us by a neighbor at a flower shop where we resided a few years ago. Despite being the smallest of the litter at birth, she has remained petite even after all these years.

However, don’t let her size deceive you, for her personality is larger than life itself. She delights in play and exploration, and her hiss serves as a gentle reminder when she desires personal space.

Mischievous at times, she often asserts her preferences, yet she unfailingly recognizes my presence in the room, approaching me with a purr and a gentle nudge from her precious head.

Cleo is the inspiration behind the creation of this website: a platform to share my knowledge and experiences, benefiting fellow cat parents like you.

Throughout my journey, I’ve made numerous mistakes with my cats that I can now draw from to assist others, saving you from the stress I once experienced when dealing with my cats’ issues and not knowing how to respond.

I am constantly learning something new from my cat every day.

Learning From Our Mistakes and Triumphs

There is great importance in knowing where to start. The consequences of not knowing how to handle challenging situations with our fur babies can be profound.

I speak not of monetary costs, but rather of the peace of mind we want to have as cat parents.

I vividly recall the helplessness my wife and I experienced as first-time cat owners when our unspayed cat went into heat, causing unrest for days on end.

Cleo and My Wife By The Window
Cleo with Me

There was also the distressing incident when Cleo had an allergic reaction to a certain cat treat, resulting in painful sores on her head and body, causing skin irritation and her fur to fall out. Regrettably, some of her bald patches never fully recovered their previous fur.

Our veterinarian played an indispensable role during those trying times, and without their guidance, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

Learning the Importance of Pet Prioritization

For someone who has never had the pleasure of owning a cat, they might think that all you have to do is just put a water bowl out with food, and that’s it. Cat’s are independent, they say?

However, true cat owners understand that there is much more to being a cat parent than meets the eye.

The well-being of our feline friends encompasses far more than just basic necessities. We devote ourselves to their health, safety, and overall wellness because our love for them knows no bounds. We are willing to go above and beyond to ensure their happiness and security.

Recently, my wife and I found ourselves contemplating whether we were doing enough for our beloved Cleo.

It dawned on us that if we wanted to enjoy a long-lasting companionship with Cleo, there was still much to learn and improve upon.

Upon reflection, we realized that we had made a number of mistakes along the way. Neglecting to schedule regular check-ups and overlooking the importance of pet insurance were just a couple of mistakes we made. It never occurred to us that cat health insurance could be so crucial.

Through this platform, I aim to document my journey as a devoted cat parent and share the knowledge and tips I have gained through the years. My hope is that you and your cats can benefit from it. Some of the things I cover:

  • Grooming and Hygiene
  • Toys, Play & Exercise
  • Behavior & Training Ideas
  • Health, Wellness & Nutrition
  • And other interesting cat topics!

Cleo has quite the attitude – that is until the Greenies come out!

But truth be told, we wouldn’t have it any other way. We cherish her spirited nature and the joy she brings to our lives, and we love talking about her.

Enjoy your time here, and together let us all strive to do our part to create a more purrfect home for the cats in our lives.🐈🤗😺

Additional Research Sources

A lot of the additional research that I use to supplement my experience, especially when I am learning new information, I take from these sources: