Ragamuffin Cat: Breed Information

by Vivvy A

The ragamuffin cat is a king-sized docile domestic cat breed that can adapt to any household. Even with its gigantic size, the ragamuffin cat is an affectionate, friendly lap cat.

If not lying on your laps, this cat will curiously follow you everywhere in the house.

With its sweet, expressive eyes that reflect its inside, this cat is never aloof of strangers. Anyone who knocks at the door will become an instant friend.

Other than that, the ragamuffin is ‘puppy-like as it is playful and can quickly learn to walk on a leash.

History of The Ragamuffin Cat

The history of the ragamuffin is intertwined with that of the ragdoll. It all started when certain cat breeders wanted to add genetic diversification to the original ragdolls. These breeders opposed the standard set by Ann Baker, who was strict on the ragdoll cat’s breeding standards. These cat breeders outcrossed this cat with the Persian, Himalayans, and other longhaired cats to get the present ragamuffins.

A quick overview of the ragamuffin cat;

DetailThe Ragamuffin Explained
OriginThe USA
CFA Registration2003
WeightFemale, 8-13 pounds. Males 14-20 pounds
Height9-12 inches
TemperamentsFriendly, loyal, attention seekers
Coat TypeMedium-long and well furred
Coat Colors and PatternsAll acceptable
Noise Levelslow
Relation With Childrensuper
Relation With PetsGreat
Lifespan15-18 years

Ragamuffin Cat Physical Appearance

The ragamuffin is a cat with a large body frame. This cat has a broad chest on a rectangular body. Furthermore, it’s allowable for this cat to develop a fatty pad on its lower abdomen. As narrated by CFA, Males can weigh 14-20 pounds, whereas females can weigh between 8-13 pounds.


The ragamuffin has a broad round head with a short muzzle right at the center. As a result of their heads, the cat has a short but stocky furry neck.


Ears are medium in size and well placed wide apart.


Eyes are walnut-shaped and openly welcoming. Also, most eye colors are acceptable.


Medium to long legs proportional to the body. Often this cat’s hind legs are longer than the front. Also, the paws have tufts of hair.


The ragamuffin has a long furry tail that is proportional to the body.

Coat type, Texture, and Color

The coat is medium, with the fur being soft, dense, and silky. Consequently, the coat can appear in a variety of acceptable colors and patterns.

Ragamuffin Cat Personality and Temperaments

The ragamuffin is a friendly, intelligent, and affectionate cat with a calm personality. It’s also a cat that will settle in any home setup with ease.

If not playing with its toys, the cat will love napping on your lap as you binge-watch your favorite movie.

Quench this cat’s need, and she will not nag you with her trills and meows. With its calm nature, this cat will adapt to any home with children and other pets with ease.

Furthermore, this cat is never quick to attack, and it’s even a rare occurrence.

Ragamuffin Cat Exercise and Training

The ragamuffin will love interactive toys that will keep her mentally fit. 10-15 minutes of play daily will prove to be vital. Furthermore, lots of exercises and play together will enhance the bond you both share with your ragamuffin.

Training a ragamuffin cat is also not a tiresome task. It’s intelligent and well receptive to all pieces of training.

Learn to train the cat early as possible to prevent behavioral issues in the future. And one of the best pieces of training is how to potty.

Ragamuffin Cat Grooming and Care

Grooming your ragamuffin cat is necessary. With its soft, silky but tangle-free coat, grooming this cat is not that demanding. You can get a soft-bristled brush to brush the cat’s fur. Brushing will remove all dander and lose fur that may cling to the cat’s coat. If you are unable to do this grooming session daily, ensure, you do it twice weekly.

Bathing the coat is not that necessary. However, two baths yearly will be better than none. Remember to use a cat-friendly shampoo that will not cause any irritation or PH imbalance. If your cat has a specific skin condition, consult your vet on the best cat shampoo to use.

Also, when doing your regular grooming on your cat, don’t forget the ears. Clean the ears by mixing 50/50 parts of water and apple cider vinegar. Use a different towel to clean each ear. Once in a while, you can trim the hairs inside the ears.

While at that, avoid using Q-tips or using alcohol swabs on your cat’s ears.

Also, remember to trim the cat’s nails once in a while.

The Diet of A Ragamuffin Cat

A well-balanced diet will be enough to sustain this cat breed. Remember to feed your cat as per its size and energy levels. Often kittens will need kitten food structured for growing cats. Also, senior ragamuffins will need a different diet set for their bodies.

You can decide to feed your Ragamuffin cat dry, wet, raw, or processed foods. Ensure the cat food that your cat gets sits well with its tummy. If any of the food is bringing any tummy issues, remember to talk to your vet.

Also, you can consult your vet on the best feeding guideline suitable for your ragamuffin.

Your vet may recommend a particular diet if your cat has any underlying issues.

Ragamuffin Cat Health Issues

Polycystic Kidney Disease

Also known as PKD, this cat’s disorder will occur when a cyst develops in your cat’s kidney tissues. Consequently, the symptoms of this disease appear when the cat is seven years or thereabout. By such a time, most of the damage has already happened.

Symptoms will often appear like those of any kidney disorder. Some of the symptoms to check are- frequent urination, increased weight loss, lethargy, and vomiting.

Currently, there are no treatment options, and vets check on ways to manage the symptoms present.

The ragamuffin has this disease because of its Persian ancestry. Worth to note PKD is inheritable from one generation to the other. While at that, ensure the breeder you visit shows you that his kittens have a certificate that shows they are free of such a genetic disorder.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a condition that causes the thickening of the heart muscles. Often the causes of this disease are unknown. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are inactivity, labored breathing, and lethargy.

Where to Get a Ragamuffin Cat

There are various places you can get a ragamuffin cat breed if you have set your eyes on it.


You can get your cat from a reputable breeder. Check for registered breeders who will not hide any information you may require.

Reputable breeders will have a website; however, don’t rush to give them your credit card details. Check other buyer’s reviews. How are they saying about his breeder? If not well satisfied, visit the breeding center. Check how the cats are living there inside. Is the place congested? Do the cats look malnourished? If that so, run and don’t look back.

An ethical breeder will keep his kittens in a well clean and spacious center. Also, the breeder will be ready to show you the parents of the cat. Also, ask to see the health clearance certificates of this cat breed. Your kitten should be free of any inheritable disorder.

Also, watch out for a breeder who will be giving out his cats on offer. Often such cats have a defect.

You can check the below sources for your next ragamuffin

Rescue Centers

It’s also unfortunate that these friendly felines can find themselves in the rescue center. And it’s in these animal rescues you can get your favorite cat breed.

Most rescue centers will give you a cat for free or charge you a small maintenance-free. Consequently, most of these cats are vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped.

Check where you can get your next rescue cat here below

Frequently Asked Questions About Ragamuffin Cats

How Much Is a Ragamuffin Cat Breed

A ragamuffin cat breed can cost between 700-1500 dollars if it’s from a breeder. Consequently, you may pay between 50-120 dollars if you get one from a rescue center.

Do Ragamuffin Cats Do Well With Children?

Yes, a ragamuffin cat breed relates perfectly with children. It’s a playful cat that will love spending time with small or big children. With that, children must learn how to interact with this cat breed. They need to learn how to hold or carry this cat. Also, they should never interrupt this cat during meals or sleeping time.

Is A Ragamuffin At Breed Hypoallergenic?

If you are allergic to cats, the ragamuffin will not suit you as it is not hypoallergenic. The reason being this cat produces enough Feld I protein that makes most people develop allergies.

If you want to live with this cat breed and have allergies, ensure you brush it regularly to remove any dander that these proteins may stick on. Also, ensure you clean your hands after petting this cat.

Ragamuffin Cat Summary

That’s all about the ragamuffin cat breed. Not only is this cat big in size, but it’s also big in its heartwarming personality. Own this cat breed, and you will enjoy all the moments you share.

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