Selkirk Rex: Cat Breed Information

by Vivvy A
Selkirk Rex cat sitting on toy bridge

Among all other cat breeds, the Selkirk Rex’s unique curly hair stands out. The Selkirk Rex is one of four curly-coated cat breeds (the other curly-coated cat breeds are the Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, and LA Perm).

The ruffled look of the Selkirk Rex’s majestic coat, combined with the relaxed nature of the type, gives the new meaning “curly hair, don’t care.”

Selkirk Rex has short and curly hair, but it can also have long hair coats. All coat lengths show curls; however, in longhaired Selkirk Rexes, curling is much more intense. Even the furs in Selkirk are uneven.

Selkirk Rex cat sitting on bed with eyes closed

The fur has a comfortable feel and is fluffy and soft. Most Selkirk Rex cats will have natural curls in their coats, and others will have long fur.

The Selkirk Rex is a friendly, cuddly, and quite a gentle cat breed. Selkirk’s are incredibly friendly and welcoming cats with other animals and small children and get along well with everyone.

Selkirk Rex Characteristics

Selkirk Rex cats are often referred to as “the cat in sheep’s clothing.” They are called so because their thick, curly coats, mainly white or caramel, can be almost confused for wool.

It takes a lot of time to preserve their jackets. You have to brush them at a minimum once a week to avoid any matting or wood carving. Few Selkirk Rex cats have tight coils of short fur, and many have thinner, more curly coats.

Cats of the Selkirk Rex breed are medium to large and heavy, weigh up to 16 pounds, and come almost in any color and pattern. It is difficult to avoid their triangular heads, wide eyes, and pointed ears.

Selkirk Rex Temperament

The first thing which makes Selkirk Rex cats different is their curly fur. For its curious, upbeat, and welcoming proclivities, such fuzzy starlets are often coveted.

Their curly coats make them notably huggable, and as these felines want to stay busy, you can not assume them idle, lazy cats.

Selkirk cats with appropriate greetings would often happily accept their residences with many other dogs and cats.

Selkirk Rex Colors and Coats

Selkirk Rex cats have their coat as their trademark; the coat comes in various colors and can be long or short. There are 95 available coat colors and patterns currently!

The Cat Fanciers’ Organization acknowledges any coat color or a mixture of colors that is naturally possible.

 For a kitten to be delivered with curly hair, the gene encoding for its extraordinary fur is powerful, ensuring only one adult cat has to transfer it along.

Information About Their Breed

In the norms of all leading felinological organizations, the definition of awesome cats is given. Curly Selkirk’s get a powerful body with a thick backbone that makes them appear larger and heavier.

Males weigh about 13-15 pounds and females up to 6-11 pounds. With broad cheeks and a large, strong chin, Rex’s face is rounded.

Often, the forehead is oval, and a circle indicates the muzzle. Such cats’ ears are medium to large, yet long at the bottom and pointed at the tops. The eyes are broad, and round while set large.

It could be any skin tone. Selkirk has an unusual feature: they have pointed hair in their mustache and ears. The hairs in their ears can sometimes be curly.

Selkirk Rex cat sitting on toy bridge

These cats have a straight back, and they also have solid, not too big, limbs. The hands are round and broad. The tail is of medium height but shortened to the tips and disproportionate to the head, thicker at the bottom.

In the tail, chest, and belly, curliness is most prominent. Selkirk may be smooth and broad with dark hair (Selkirk straight).

The distinction is that even the short hair length on the face is the same as the back (up to 5 cm). The long natural coat is thick and strong.

The coat appears smoother due to the length of the villi and therefore does not feel unusual. The maximum hair is present primarily on the neck and also on the tail.

Training a Selkirk Rex Cat

For the Selkirk Rex, the most significant thing to remember is social conditioning. This is a pet that is guaranteed to get a huge amount of attention from your friends, relatives, and even visitors on the streets.

Everybody wants to look more closely at this rare cat coat and, without even a second glance, many individuals will reach them.

Your Selkirk Rex may run at the chance whenever it comes to teaching to practice simple commands and pleasant tricks.

This is indeed a cat breed with plentiful energy and will learn things quickly, like how to run and play and walk on a leash.

It is better to consider the guidance of how to train your Selkirk, just like with any cat breed. To hold their focus, use yummy foods or toys throughout training and playing sessions.

Caring For a Selkirk Rex

Prope treatment is required for the Selkirk Cat’s coat. The best part is that the curly coat of the Selkirk Rex doesn’t shed much.

It’s because, instead of falling on your clothes and shoes, any stray hairs tend to remain stuck in the coat. However, since shed hair remains in the skin, a Selkirk Rex will become puffy if the coat isn’t correctly conditioned.

When treated with soft shampoos which do not weigh the fur down, the Selkirk Rex’s coat looks finest. Ask for such a shampoo suggestion from your vet or a qualified groomer that is soft and well conditioning. After a wash, dry the cat with a towel to clear most of the water, then allow the coat to air dry.

Selkirk Rex Health Problems

Since this is a comparatively recent breed, there’s not much history of genetic health. The risk of respiratory issues, vision loss, and oral disorders are there because of their small skull size. Additional inherited genetic medical issues associated with this breed of cat are:

Polycystic Kidney Disease

This congenital disorder is prevalent in the Persian breed and could also occur in Selkirk Rex cats. Within the kidneys, small, liquid sacs (cysts) form and begin to expand before they occupy more space than that of the kidney’s existing tissue, inducing liver failure.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

It is necessary to interpret this complex word to mean “clotted heart walls (ventricles).”

Whenever the heart walls thicken, it is difficult for your cat’s chest to sustain its body. It’s a very hard thing to manage, but some drugs can be helpful.

Selkirk Rex Diet and Nutrition

Each cat is unique, so each seems to have its likes, hates, and nutritional requirements. Cats are carnivores, and each cat has to get 41 different and unique foods from their diet.

Depending on age, behavior, and general health, the ratio of these resources can vary. It’s not unusual that a developing, healthy kitten requires a better dietary habit in her diet than the less active elderly cat.

Other factors to keep in mind are eating the correct amount of food in compliance with consuming standards and catering to personal choice about wet or dry meal ideas to achieve ‘ideal body health.’

Selkirk Rex cat looking at owner


  • Curly cats have become popular with so many people, especially inexperienced people (such cats look big, but weigh a little).
  • Caring and cuddly, friendly, including all members of the family as well as other pets.
  • Get used to a litter tray and a toothbrush easily.
  • Immunity is efficient, health is fine, there is no recognition of propensity to genetic disorders.


  • Through their coat and body structure, cats are simple to identify.
  • They are always in need of a company, often mischievous.
  • The prices of kittens have risen because of the prohibition on inbreeding.

Where To Adopt or Buy Selkirk Rex Cats

You can purchase Selkirk Rex cats from local breeders costing between $800 and $1,500. But, this is typically more expensive than adopting.

You can find information about adopting Selkirk Rex cats at or

If you want to take a Selkirk Rex kitten around, try attending a cat show where local animal breeders will meet. Cat displays are great fun and a perfect opportunity to know about all the various breeds of cats.

Do an online search for “cat local show me” or check CatShows.Us to locate a cat show in your city. Although uncommon, some Selkirk Rex or Selkirk Rex mix cats, generally adults, can often end up existing rescued.

Check with the local rescue organizations or even specific shelters that are unique to the cat.

Selkirk Rex Summary

The goofy, cute suit of a teddy bear, the fun-loving and friendly attitude, and their easy specific grooming requirements make this cat different from others.

If you’re lucky enough to carry a Selkirk Rex around, you’re never going to run and out of love with this little woolly feline.

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