Singapura Cat: Breed Information

by Vivvy A
Singapura cat looking at camera

Small in nature but with a big cat’s personality, that’s the Singapura cat. Weighing between 4-8 pounds, the Singapura cat is the smallest cat breed compared to other domestic cat breeds.

It’s a cat with high energy levels and often grows with its playful nature into its adulthood.

Even with its small size, this cat has big round eyes and big ears comparative to its body. Overall, this cat thrives on lots of attention and is always inquisitive about what’s happening around.

A Quick Overview of The Singapura Cat

Characteristics of the Singapura cat 
Weight6-8 pounds
Height7-8 inches
Coat lengthSmall
Coat colorIvory and brown
PhysiqueStocky and masculine
TemperamentsSociable, affectionate, playful
Activity levelHigh-hyper
Grooming needsMedium
Noise levelTalkative
Relation with childrenPerfect
Shedding rateLow-medium
Lifespan10-15 years

Appearance of The Singapura

As earlier, said the Singapura is notable because of its small size. Often males are bigger than females. Males have a weight range of 6-8 pounds, and females have a weight range of 4-6 pounds. This cat has a medium-sized head, proportional to its body-with a well-placed short and muzzle.

Ears are big and centrally placed on the skull. Like other cats, the Singapura has almond-shaped eyes. However, these eyes are wide, with hazel, green or yellow colorations with a black outline. Though small, the Singapura has a stocky body structure that is masculine. Furthermore, the coat of this cat is short and silky.

Another prominent feature of this cat is the coat color. This cat has a ticked sepia agouti coat pattern– in that each strand of hair on the coat has bands of various colors. You will note each hair strand of the Singapura has alternating bands of dark and light brown colors.

Additionally, according to the breeding standards of the Singapura cat, only one coat color is permissible. A dark brown ticking on an ivory ground color.

Consequently, the tail of the Singapura is slender and short with a blunt tip.

Singapura Cat Personality

The Singapura cat thrives on the attention of human beings-in that the Singapura loves being in the center of the action. You will find them trying to engage you when you are on your keyboard or in the kitchen.

They also love being above the ground. You will find a Singapura high on the bookshelf looking for where next to cause trouble.

If not high on the shelf surveying its surroundings, this cat will be comfortable lying on your lap. Other than that, the Singapura is an active breed of cat that will need someone to put his energy to use. If playing with this cat, you will find yourself tiring before it does.

Additionally, this cat takes time to accept strangers. However, if you go past this stage as a stranger, you will get a perfect pet than no other.

Consequently, this cat dislikes loud noise. So, if you live in a noisy neighborhood, the Singapura may not be a perfect fit for your family.

Diet of The Singapura

The Singapura thrives on a diet set for small cat breeds. This cat will thrive in a diet with a high percentage of proteins. Also, carbohydrates should be minimal, as cats don’t digest them well.

Also, remember to feed your cat as per its age and energy levels. A couch potato cat will eat less share compared to a high-energy cat. Consequently, you can decide to feed your cat a diet of raw, dry, or wet food. It all depends on how the cat responds to the food given.

As always, if dry food is bringing up tummy problems, you can transition to wet food. And vice versa is applicable. Other than that, you can give your cat a raw diet-a diet the cat would take if she in the wild.

However, consult your vet if it’s good to transition your cat to a diet of raw food. Additionally, avoid free-feeding your cat. Free feeding may bring rise to gut inconsistency and also lead to obesity.

You can feed your adult Singapura 2- 3 times a day and kittens 3- 5 times a day. Over and above, consult your vet on the best feeding schedule your cat can follow.

Singapura cat looking at camera

Singapura Cat Training and Exercise Needs

The Singapura is an intelligent breed that will not be difficult to train. You can use puzzle toys to keep your cat’s mental health fit. Light exercise season of 15 minutes daily will prove to be sufficient for this small cat.

Also, remember to use positive reinforcement when training your cat. Reward the behavior you desire by giving out a treat.

Also, don’t kick or scream at your cat. It’s wrong

Singapura Cat Grooming Needs

The Singapura has no vast grooming needs because of its smooth coat. However, that doesn’t relieve you of the duties of grooming your cat once in a while.

Get a fine bristled brush to brush off loose fur that may at times end up on your furniture or clothes. Brushing the coat 2-3 times a day will be sufficient.

Also, remember to trim the nails. However, be cautious not to cut the nerve endings, as it can be painful. Remember to start the nail clipping process when the cat is still a kitten. Unless otherwise, you may have a cat who becomes anxious or frightened anytime you hold the nail clipper.

Other than that, clean the ears once in a while. Use a damp towel to clean the external parts. And also, avoid using Q-tips.

Also, remember to brush your cat’s teeth once in a while. Use a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste to avoid dental problems in cats.

Bathing is not essential for this cat, not unless your cat is of the show line. If need be, bathing this cat twice a year with a vet-approved shampoo will be enough.

Health Issues of a Singapura Cat

The Singapura is not immune to diseases. Some diseases are hereditary hence why it’s recommendable you always buy your cat from a reputable breeder.

Overall, the most prevalent health issue in Singapura is uterine inertia.

This condition occurs in females who cannot push the fetus out of the uterus because of their weak surrounding muscles. Such cats require a caesarian section for them to give birth.

Another condition is pyruvate Kidney disease (PKD), not to be confused with polycystic kidney disease.

Thus disease results in hemolytic anemia. And health test is vital to ascertain whether your cat is a carrier or a victim of this disease.

Other Health Problems

Frequently Asked Questions About Singapura Cats

How Much Is a Singapura Cat

The Singapura cat can cost from 1200-2500 dollars. Depending on the pedigree and quality of the cat, the price may shot high or go low.

Other than that, you can adopt a Singapura instead of purchasing from a breeder.

Where to Get a Singapura Cat

You can get a Singapura from a reputable breeder. A reputable breeder will be in a better position to give you all the paperwork for this cat. Also, a reputable breeder will answer all questions you ask confidently.

Before you purchase from a specific breeder, visit his breeding station. How is the living place? Do the kitten over there look weak?

Is the breeder pushy with selling you a specific cat?  Are there any red flags that you can see? Don’t be in a rush to purchase a kitten. It can take even 2-6 months before you get the right cat for you.

Apart from buying from a breeder, you can get a Singapura from an animal shelter. That’s the unfortunate part even these lovely felines can find themselves in animal shelters.

The good thing is that these animals in shelters get all the necessary vet care.

And to add more, it’s cheap!

Places you should consider;

Other options

As a caution, do your due diligence when buying your puppy on the internet. Don’t pay for a cat you have not seen physically.

Are Singapura Cats Hypoallergenic?

Did you know that no cat is hypoallergenic? Yes, no cat is hypoallergenic, as all cats have the Fel d 1 protein- It’s this protein found on the cat’s dander and saliva that causes one to have an allergic reaction.

However, regular coat brushing and general hygiene will reduce Fel d proteins that cause these allergic reactions. However, if you suffer allergic reactions, consult your doctor whether it’s possible for you to live with a Singapura.

How Long Does the Singapura Cat Live

Singapura cats have a lifespan of 10-15 years. The care, exercise, and vet checkups will be a factor in how long this cat lives.

Do The Singapuras Do Well With Children And Other Pets?

Yes, Singapura cats do well with children. However, children have to be taught not to mishandle this cat. Also, the Singapura will do well in homes with other pets, and more specifically, pets it has grown with.

History Of The Singapura?

The Singapura is a Singapore cat derived from the streets. This cat was brought to the USA by two cat fanciers, Tommy and hall meadow, in the 1970s.

Facts about the Singapura Cat

  • The Singapura cat originated from Singapore.
  • The Singapura is one of the cats with the smallest gene pool together with the Burmese-Thus crossbreeding with other cats is never allowed.
  • Other names for the Singapura are the drain cat, Kucinta, and love cat.
  • The Singapura cat is Singapore’s travel mascot.
  • The cat fancier association recognized this cat breed in 1988
  • The average litter size of the Singapura is 2-4 kittens.

Singapura Cat Summary

If you want a small cat breed with minimal needs, then opt for the Singapura cat breed. In return, this cat will reward you with affection and un-ending head plumbs on your legs.

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