Automatic Cat Litter Boxes: Everything To Know

by Vivvy A
Automatic cat litter box

Cats make awesome family pets with low maintenance cost as compared to dogs. However, sometimes it can become an issue for most cat owners when it comes to scooping their cat’s poop and regular cleaning of the litter box.

However, automatic cat litter boxes or otherwise self-cleaning litter boxes are here to save us from all that trouble.

These self-cleaning litter boxes come in all sizes. Whether it’s for your small or large cat, this is one of the household tool that any cat owner should never lack. Consequently, if you are tired of your house smelling cat poop, some of these litter boxes have an answer for all that.

So what’s all about cat litter boxes? Let’s delve in and learn more.

How Does an Automatic Cat Litter Box Work

So you may be wondering how this litter box works does. What’s the technology behind all this?

Below is how some of these litter boxes function.

Scooping Rake System

The scooping rake system is one of the popular methodology that most automatic cat litter boxes apply.

Consequently this kind of methodology works well for automatic boxes that use clumping litter. While at that such litter boxes, have a sensor that detects when the cat has finished her business. Often they start the cleaning process 7-20 minutes after the cat has left.

Afterwards, the rake system rakes all clumps on the litter box and deposits them in a separate retractable tray that is attached beneath or on the side of the litter box.

Your only task will be to remove the tray and trash the content. More to that, the retractable trays have carbon filters to keep away the odor from your house.

The scoop free original automatic litter box uses such a technology.

Rotating Method

Example of an automatic litter box that uses such a technology is the 3 connect litter robot. In that, this litter box has a globe that rotates after your cat is through ensuring all waste is sieved. Later the waste is deposited in a receptacle that’s often underneath.

Flushing System

With such a system as a pet owner you will never come into contact with the cat’s poop or filters. As such an automatic litter box does all the messy work for you.

So what about it?

First you ought to note that a litter box that uses such a technology needs water to operate. However not as much as you think.

The system scoops waste, liquefies it and then flushes it out. Furthermore, such litter boxes require no litter as they have special biodegradable and reusable granules.

Afterwards the system hot dries the granules for the next use.

Do Automatic Litter Boxes Smell

Whether an automatic litter box smell is a good question. As no one desires to live inside a room with a choking smell.

And with that, most manufactures have used all means to outwit each other when it comes to litter boxes odor management. And that is advantageous to us cat owners.

Litter boxes fitted with carbon filters are the most prevalent as carbon is best in masking and absorbing odor.

These carbon filters are easily removable and can be replaced time by time, but it all depends on your preference. Furthermore, some cat litter box manufactures will give you a year supply of carbon fillers while others don’t.

Apart from carbon filters, other automatic litter boxes have biodegradable crystals that are fitted on the disposable trays. Such technology is present in the pet safe scoop free automatic self-cleaning litter boxes.

So these crystal filters suppress the smell by absorbing the urine and dehydrating the cat’s fecal matter.

Can You Use Regular Litter in an Automatic Litter Box?

All litter boxes may not use the same litter. Some manufactures will give you a specification of the best litter for an automatic litter box. If you use inappropriate or cheap litter you may end up destroying the whole litter box system.

Thus why it’s advisable to check on the manufactures’ specifications.

Automatic cat litter box

Types of Cat Litters For Automatic Litter Box

Clumping Litter

Such type of litter is the most prevalent. This litter forms clumps with your cat’s excrements whenever the cat does it business. And with that it becomes easier to sift and rake the clumps in a separate trash tray.

Proprietary Litter

Some litter box manufacturers prefer only certain types of litter that will only function on their litter boxes. An example is the cat genie self-flushing cat box litter. This litter only works on the self-flushing litter box

Using a different kind of litter may clog or damage the system. Another example is the scoop-free crystal litter. Such litter only functions well on the pet safe scoop free automatic self-cleaning litter box

The 5 Best Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

After a deep review, we have analyzed the top five automatic self-litter boxes that may suit your needs. Some are inexpensive and others will cost you a bit more.

Litter Robot 3 Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

A litter box that will make your cat feel secure and comfortable as it is spacious and has a large upward-facing entry. This self-cleaning litter box has a revolving globe that separates trash and disposes of it in a receptacle tray after your cat has finished her business.

Furthermore, it has self-adjusting sensors that automatically pauses in case your cat returns when the litter box is still in the cleaning process.

Furthermore, whether you have a small or large cat, this box has self-adjusting sensors that will adjust according to your cat’s weight. So don’t worry in the case you have small cats in your house.

Furthermore its Wi-Fi enabled, and with that it can help you monitor your cat’s bathroom schedules and habits.

You can also adjust the timers you want the litter box to start the cleaning box whether it’s from 3, 5, 20 minutes. It’s you decide.


  • Suitable for multiple cats
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Self-adjusting weight sensors


  • Noisy

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Cat Genie Self-Washing Self-Flushing Cat Box

As from the manufacture, this is a cat litter box that you will never touch or smell your cat’s poop, as it will relieve you of all your previous duties. Quite a lifesaver for people who dislike cat’s smell

And if you are tired of purchasing litter now and then, then this litter box is here to save your hard earned Money. The reason being this self-cleaning litter box comes with septic safe washable crystals that are reusable.

The only job that is required will be to add the granules every once in a while.

So this litter box scoops all the dirty washable granules after your cat is done with its business. These granules are then liquefied and all the waste is drained down the toilet.

And it never stops at that. The litter box washes itself and hot-dries itself ready for the next use.


  • Odor free
  • Easy disposal of waste
  • Litter free


  • Cycles are loud
  • Plenty of water is used

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Pet Safe Scoop Free Automatic Self-Cleaning Box

Tired of scooping your cat’s litter now and then? Then consider this automatic litter box.

Fitted with crystal litter that absorbs urine and dehydrates your cat’s litter, odor from your cat’s poop will be a thing of the past.

After thorough raking, the trash is stored in disposable trays that you can dispose weekly.

Furthermore, it has sensors that detect when your cat has left the litter box, for the whole scooping process to start.


  • Easily removable trays
  • A perfect ramp to that prevents stick on cats away
  • Safety sensor


  • Noisy
  • The specific crystal liter may at times be hard to find

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Litter Maid Multi Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

An automatic litter box suitable for households with more than one cat. This automatic litter box rakes forward and backward to scoop waste and deposits it in a retractable tray.

Furthermore, it is fitted with carbon filters that control door. Also the litter box has high walls that prevent spillage of the inside contents.

If used correctly and all set up protocols followed, your only job will be to replace the receptacles once in a week.


  • No frequent scooping of your cat’s waste
  • Easy to assemble
  • Cheap


  • Not suitable for cats less than 6 months

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Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Do you want a litter box that is suitable for you large cat and most of all, one that doesn’t use electricity? Then this automatic litter box is here to meet your needs

One of the best self-cleaning litter box to use. So how do you go about it?

After you cat has finished the business roll the litter box to the right till the top touches down. Next roll it back to position.

Often this gadget uses gravity. And with that you will note that that this gadget’s internal mechanism will deposit the clumps in a retractable waste tray that for you to dispose.

Worth to note, this litter box only works for clump litter. Other types of litters may not be suitable.


  • No more scoops
  • Cost efficient
  • Easy to assemble


  • Litter may spill out

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Factors To Consider Before You Purchase an Automatic Litter Box

What do you consider before you purchase an automatic litter box?

The decision to buy a litter box needs no hurry. You have to weigh out all options before settling for one litter box. So these factors will become handy for your next purchase.

Litter Type

Consider the type of litter the specific litter box uses. Often you don’t need a litter that is way much expensive and most of all not readily available

Ease To Clean

Although you will not be cleaning this unit severally such a factor is not to be assumed. Remember it will need regular maintenance, so you need a litter box that you can reach all corners with ease.

The Waste Bin

Look for a litter box with an easily accessible trash tray. The tray should be easy to remove and fit.

Scooping Time

How long does the automatic litter box stay before it starts the whole scooping process? Does it take long?

Easy To Assemble

No need of purchasing a self-cleaning litter box that will take ages to set up.

Is It Spacious?

Space is of paramount when considering which litter box to purchase.

Let not the external features deceive you, check at its interior. Look for a litter box that is 1.5 times longer than your cat. You don’t a litter box that will clamp your cat inside.

If so, your cat will hate the idea of using an automatic box and opt to drop its accidents elsewhere other than where you desire.

How Much Does an Automatic Litter Box Cost?

An automatic cat litter box can cost from $30 to $600. The higher the cost the more advanced is the litter box’s technology.

For example, self-washing self-cleaning litter boxes have an advanced technology than ordinary litter boxes, thus may fetch higher.

Some Factors That May Affect The Cost of an Automatic Litter Box

  • Technology
  • Size of the litter box
  • Manufactures decision- big reputable companies may tend to charge high compared to small growing companies

Some Additional Cost That You May Incur After Purchasing Your Cat’s Litter Box

For maintenance reasons, you may have to buy a few things to preserve your cat’s or automatic litter box cleanliness, for example;

  • Cleaning detergents
  • Regular repair
  • Electricity

How Often Should I Scoop the Cat’s Litter?

All this depends on your cat bathroom behaviors. Also, if you have multiple cats you may tend to change the litter severally as compared to an individual with one cat.

Will An Automatic Cat Litter Box Work For My Cat?

This question can either have a yes or a no.

If you use the wrong size of the litter box, cheaply made litter box, or don’t introduce a cat to a litter box the correct way, then the answer to this question is no.

However it will be yes if you use the correct litter box size, correct introduction and correct litter type.

There are quite a range of automatic cat litter boxes that will prove to be efficient for you who hate scooping the litter box daily.

That’s it for our rant about litter boxes and the 5 automatic litter boxes that should help make your work easier. Also before you make any purchase consider checking on the previously highlighted factors, pros, and cons mentioned above.

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