Red Fox Labrador: 10 Things To Know

by Vivvy A
Red Fox Labrador Retriever

The Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are sometimes called Ruby Labrador. These are stunning dogs, just like the other Labrador Retrievers, but the only difference is that they possess a red fox color.

Technically, they are just the deeper shade version of Yellow Labradors.

Red Fox Lab is quite an affectionate and gentle dog, and at the same time, he is energetic and loves to have fun with his family.

Coat color imposes no distinctive characteristic on this breed of dogs. Likewise, there is no mark variation in temperament and health status.

Generally, Red Fox Lab has not experienced much controversy than its counterparts like Silver Labradors. However, some Labrador fanciers bear controversial remarks against this breed that Red Fox Labrador is not a purebred Labrador.

Despite all these elements, Red Fox Labradors are getting popularity among the most popular pups. Let’s take a deep look at the characteristics, diet, health status, and much more of Red Fox Labrador Retrievers.

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers Appearance

The distinctive coat color of Red Fox Lab is rare and difficult to come by. The only real and distinctive difference between the Red Fox Lab and other Labradors is their coat colors.

It is believed that the Red fox coat color results from the darker shade of Yellow Labrador, just like the white Labradors are the lighter version of Yellow Labradors.

Red Fox Labrador Retriever Dog

Red Fox Labradors occasionally possess a slightly pink appearance just around their muzzles. The pigmentation sometimes exhibits it in the skin or just the pinky appearance in his nose.

There is evidence that their underbelly bears a white spot than their brothers of other coat colors. These spots are also visible due to their darker red shades, which are not visible in lighter yellow shades of other Labradors.

Male Red Fox Labradors have an average height between 22-25 inches, weighing about 70-80 pounds. On the other hand, female Red Fox Labradors have a shorter height of about 21-23 inches, ranging from 50-70 pounds.

These Red Fox Labradors have sturdy and powerful necks, and their tails are characteristic otter-like.

Red Fox Labradors are famous for their extraordinary facial expressions, and their round eyes also make them look very attractive.

Red Fox Lab Temperament and Personality

Red Fox Labrador has a temperament that fulfills all the requirements for the best canine companion, as mentioned by AKC.

Red Fox Labrador has a difference from other Labradors that is his slightly barky nature. According to a well-known Red Fox breeder, Gregg Tonkin, this trait may be present in some Red Fox Labradors due to the smaller gene pool.

Are Red Fox Labradors Good Pets

Red Fox Labs are active, friendly, and outgoing, which makes them ideal family dogs. The Red Fox Lab is full of energy and loves to have fun with his family. He is the bundle of affection that provides you mental peace.

They have playful and energetic nature and are not afraid to show you their affection and gentleness to please you whenever you feel down. It is mandatory to train him to be a social pet dog starting from an early age. Once you train your Red Fox Lab, he will do great towards other small pets and children at home.

Red Fox Lab Training and Exercise

The Red Fox Lab is an energetic dog that requires at least 60 minutes of exercise daily. If you want to maintain your Red Fox Labrador mentally and physically active, you have to ensure intense exercise sessions regularly.

You can offer him several exercises to burn up his working energy, including; swimming, retrieving sticks, and participation in different local events.

Labradors are considered one of the most intelligent dogs due to their extraordinary instincts, hunting prowess, obedience, receptiveness, and ability to adapt.

That’s the major reason for their popularity as assistant dogs, and they are great guide dogs. They can also excel in several professions, which entirely depend upon the consistency and firmness of training sessions.

Red Fox Labradors are intelligent dogs though they need a consistent trainer who will make them obedient and well-mannered dogs.

He would get rewards in the form of toys during training sessions. Don’t forget to arrange plenty of toys for your Red Fox Labrador.

Red Fox Lab Retriever

Diet and Nutrition of Red Fox Lab

On average, Red Fox Labrador needs around three cups of food per day. Despite its color, Red Fox Labrador is always found to hunt for snacks continuously, just like other Labradors.

The major reason for such type of behavior is the missing of the POMC gene in the DNA of Labradors. The main function of this gene is to tell dogs that they are full and that there is no need to consume any more food.

It is clear from the above discussion that your Red Fox Labrador will be hungry all the time. POMC will lead to the accumulation of extra calories. The ultimate effect of this behavior may result in obesity. Always keep in mind that where there is obesity, there will be a risk of health issues.

Therefore, you need to buy a recommended food for your Red Fox Labrador specifically designed for this breed. This will avoid the risk factors of several diseases that may interfere with the lifestyle of your dog.

Grooming Your Red Fox Labrador Retriever

Grooming is the mandatory part of any pet dog to keep him in fashion and free of various lice and fleas. Just like other pet dogs, Red Fox Labradors also need regular brushing in their shedding periods.

As we know that, these dogs bear a double coat which is for insulation purposes during the winter season. On the other hand, shedding occurs to get rid of old and unhealthy fur.

Do Red Fox Labs Shed A Lot

Red Fox Labs shed a little more than other dog breeds, usually 2-3 times per year.

Ensure regular brushing daily to maintain coat during shedding seasons, and to prevent parasitic infestations. During shedding seasons, you need to brush daily. Brushing twice a week may be enough during winter.

Keep in mind that brushing helps get rid of unhealthy hairs and makes the rest of the hair strong.

Health of Red Fox Labrador Retrievers

Red Fox Labradors have a similar lifespan, just like the other traditional Labradors. The life expectancy of Red Fox Labrador Retrievers is between 10-12 years, depending on the environmental factors and nutrition. They are, in general, healthy dogs with minimum healthy issues to worry about.

Some of the diseases that affect Red Fox Labs are below;

Elbow and Hip Dysplasia

Elbow and hip dysplasia is a skeletal degenerative disease common in Labradors due to their genetics.

There can be other predisposing factors that lead to developing hip and elbow dysplasia. Parent breeds of Red Fox Labrador must be tested for ruling out this condition in pups.

Collapse Induced by Exercise

This condition has an association with the muscular control of the dog. The affected individuals are prone to lose muscular control immediately after exercise. It is a genetic disorder that can be avoided in pups by testing the parent breeds as either carrier or not.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is a degenerative disease of the eye that leads to causing blindness in Labradors over time. Moreover, there is a gradual deterioration of the retina along with its photoreceptors.

All these elements are responsible for causing loss of eyesight in Labradors.

Pros and cons of Red Fox Labrador Retrievers?


  • Red Fox Lab is famous for its rare coat color that comprises of double hair coat
  • They are among the top ten intelligent breeds of dogs
  • These dogs have a tendency to adapt themselves to different family structures that reflects their extensive social nature
  • One of the most appreciable aspects of this breed is that they are emotionally stable dogs
  • Red Fox Labs are good at retrieving fish and ducks without causing damage to their skin


  • They can easily get bored if they don’t get enough entertainment
  • These dogs shed more than the normal breed of dogs due to their dense hair coat
  • Labrador owners may experience bad odor (worst than any other breed) due to lack of regular bathing of their dogs
  • Red Fox Labs bark excessively that may be a source of annoyance for their owners

Where To Buy or Adopt Red Fox Labrador Retrievers?

You can buy the pups of Red Fox Labradors from different online pet stores. Their prices vary depending upon health conditions so that you can choose your desire. Generally, a red fox lab can cost between $800-$1200.

You may be able to adopt Red Fox Labradors from Petfinder, Adoptapet, or ASPCA

Red Fox Labrador Retriever

Red Fox Labrador Retrievers Summary

Red Fox Labradors are different from their counterparts just because of their rare coat color. They are excellent family dogs, so you can plan to adopt this dog as a family dog.

We tried our best to let you know the basic information about this rare breed. Don’t forget to share this article with someone who may also find it helpful.

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