German shepherd Husky Mix: 20 Things To Know

by Vivvy A
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Hybrid dogs or designer dog breeds are becoming a preference for most dog parents. And one of the popular breed mixes is the German shepherd husky mix, a crossbreed between the German shepherd and the Siberian husky.

This German shepherd husky mix is also known as Shepsky, Gerberian Shepsky, or the husky shepherd. As you can see, this dog breed mix has no formal name.

Nevertheless, this crossbreed of two working breeds possesses high energy levels, it’s affectionate, and its loyalty is unmatched.

So if you’re planning to get this dog breed, this article will reveal all you need to know before welcoming this designer dog.

German Shepherd Husky Mix: What Is This Dog Breed

As earlier discussed, the German shepherd husky mix is a breed mix that results from breeding a German shepherd and a husky. Breeders specializing in breeding mixed dog breeds do so to get healthier, stronger, and well-tempered dog breeds.

The History of the German Shepherd Husky Mix

The history of this breed is not that clear. However, the history of its parents is well known.

The History of the German Shepherd

The German shepherd dog originated from Germany, and one captain, Max von Stephanitz, is credited with creating this hardworking dog breed. He started with one dog called Horand von Grafrath. This dog had remarkable physical features, and he had a strong work drive that Captain Max. V. Stephanitz desired.

The AKC officially recognized the German shepherd in 1908. Since then, this dog breed mix has become a great human companion.

a german shepherd dog

The Siberian Husky Breed History

The Siberian husky is one of the oldest dog breeds developed by the Chukchi people residing in northeast Siberia.

This dog was better placed to withstand such a harsh climate with its thick fur and masculine body.

Besides being a companion dog, the Siberian husky was popularly used to pull sleds in the cold climates of northeast Siberia.

This dog was officially recognized by the AKC 1n 1930, and the Siberian husky Club of America was formed in 1938.

Siberian Husky

The German shepherd Husky Mix Summary Table

German Shepherd Husky Mix 
Breed typeMixed or designer dog
Recognition by the AKCNo
Other namesShepsky, Gerberian Shepsky, husky shepherd
Weight range45-88 pounds
Coat typeDouble
Coat colorA mixture of various colors
Shedding abilitiesHigh
Grooming needsHigh
Diet needsHigh-calorie food
Relation with children and other petsPerfect
Lifespan9-13 years

The German Shepherd Husky Mix Size and Appearance

The German shepherd husky mix is a well-built canine with a stocky masculine body. Often there is no standard weight of this dog breed mix—as the height, and weight in each litter can vary. However, most German shepherd husky mixes weigh between 45-88 pounds. And can have a height of 20-25 inches.

One distinguishing feature is that this dog tends to have pointy ears and a wolf-like appearance. If the husky parent has strong genes, you may get a dog breed mix with beautiful blue eyes.

Additionally, there is no standard color when it comes to this breed mix. This German shepherd husky mix can have a coat with two mixed colors or a mixture of many colors. Some of the common coat colors include brown, cream, red, and black.

Temperaments of the German Shepherd Husky Mix

Predicting the final temperaments of the German shepherd husky mix can be hard. Most of the temperaments are determined by the parents. Thus, exploring the parents’ traits can, in a way, help describe how this puppy mix will behave.

First, huskies are friendly, gentle, alert, cunning, and playful. In comparison, German shepherds are hardworking, loyal, intelligent, and affectionate.

Thus, most husky shepherds are friendly, affectionate, and always full of energy. Like its parents, this dog thrives in a pack. It loves staying near its family, where it will get lots of love and tummy rubs. If left alone, this dog can become destructive. You can hire a pet sitter or get some toys to keep your dog breed mix busy when you are away.

Again, this dog can become stubborn and independent, choosing who to listen to and which instructions are worth following—this is a trait acquired from the Husky parent.  Thus such a dog breed mix will need a stern handler who is firm with his commands. A new pet owner who is shaky with his commands may find it hard to control this dog breed mix.

Highlights: The German shepherd Husky mix will need an experienced dog owner, as this dog can become erratic behaviors sometimes. However, proper handling, training, and socializing will help in eradicating unwanted behaviors in this dog.

German Shepherd Husky Mix Exercise Needs

The German shepherd husky mix is a high-energy canine who will need plenty of exercises daily to burn any excess energy

So how many minutes of exercise does the German shepherd husky mix require? At a minimum, this dog breed mix should get 30 minutes of play daily.

Physical exercise sessions that will prove beneficial for this dog breed mix include running, hiking, fetch games, and swimming.

Besides physical exercise, let your dog engage in mental exercises that will stimulate and challenge his intelligence.

As always, a tired dog is always calm and happy. Often dogs who rarely get exercised tend to display bad behaviors.

Training a German Shepherd Husky Mix

Training is mandatory if you want a well-behaved dog. And the earlier you start training your dog, the better. As a breed mix from two intelligent dog breeds, expect to have smooth training sessions.

Also, when training this dog breed mix,-use positive reinforcement. In that, learn to reward your dog when it does something remarkable.

Also, socialization will be key.  Start the socialization classes early too. Let the dog become exposed to various sights and sounds. A well-socialized and a trained dog has admirable manners.

German shepherd husky mix1

Grooming Needs of the German shepherd Husky Mix

As a mix of two thickly furred dogs, you need to arm yourself with a good vacuum cleaner and a slicker brush to keep away any of your dog’s fur that may land on your furniture or clothes.

Daily brushing will help your dog shed less, and his coat will always be shiny. Additionally, a little emphasis will be required during the two shedding seasons.  Use a de-matting rake and a de-shedding comb to minimize the chances of your dog developing mats.

Bathing this dog can be done once every six months, and always use a veterinary-approved shampoo, not yours.

Besides maintain the hygiene of your dog’s coat, don’t forget its ears, nails, and teeth. Cut the nail short every week.

Brushing the teeth can be done twice weekly with a vet-approved toothbrush and toothpaste. If your dog’s dental health is not checked regularly, he risks developing gingivitis and periodontitis.

Also, check the ears weekly. Look for anything out of places like odd smells and discharge. If there is a foul smell or excess discharge, don’t home treat your dog; rather, contact the veterinarian.


As a high-energy dog, the German shepherd husky mix will need a high-quality protein diet. You can opt for dry dog food, wet food, a mixture of both, or even a homemade diet. It will depend on your dog’s preference.

Remember, kibble will have higher calorie content than wet food. Thus your dog may require more wet food in a day than when on dry food.

For puppies, you can feed them four times a day and gradually decrease the feeding sessions as they become old. When in adulthood, German shepherd husky mix can eat two times a day.

How many calories will a German shepherd husky mix? An active adult German shepherd husky mix will need 1700-2400 calories in a day. At the same time, a less active adult or senior dog will require 1300 to 1600 calories a day.

Key note:  checking how many calories your dog needs consider its age, energy levels, metabolism, and health status.

German shepherd Husky Mix Health Issues

The German shepherd husky mix is a healthy designer dog that you rarely find suffering from any hereditary diseases. However, that doesn’t imply your dog will be free from any health issues. With that said, we have compiled some of the diseases likely to affect this dog breed mix.

Also, ensure your dog is well vaccinated throughout. It’s important you familiarize yourself with a list of vaccines important for your puppy.

Key: remember to deworm your dog regularly. Lastly, if you are not a breeder, it’s important to spay or neuter your dog.

Lifespan of the German shepherd Husky Mix

The German shepherd husky mix has a lifespan of 9-13 years. And the care this dog receives will determine how long it lives.

Where Can I Get the German shepherd Husky Mix

Here are the places you can look for this breed mix.

german shepherd husky mix

German shepherd Or Husky Breeder

First, look for the original parent club centers of this breed mix in your area and ask them to guide you where you can get a reputable breeder.

At times you may stay for a while before you find a breeder who specializes in breeding designer dog breeds.   While searching, don’t display despair, as you’ll likely get scammed. Do your due diligence. Avoid breeders who may be selling puppies through craigslist or newspaper ads, as most scammers hide there.

All you need is to be patient and ensure you visit the breeding center and choose the puppy you want. As always, let the breeder show you all the health clearance certificates of the puppy and its parents. Resist a breeder who hides such important documents from you.

Rescue Center

Another place you can find the German shepherd husky mix is in the rescue centers. Puppies here are often cheap, and they are dewormed and vaccinated.

Cost of the German shepherd Husky Mix

This breed mix price can vary. A reputable breed may charge high as 5000 dollars depending on his locality and preference. However, if you decide to adopt one from a rescue center, the cost of this German shepherd husky mix may go down.

The rescue center may charge you between 75-200 dollars to get this dog breed mix.

Is the German shepherd Husky Mix a Good Family Pet

The German shepherd husky mix is an awesome family pet. If well trained, socialized and handled, this dog will give you lots of affection, ensuring there is no dull moment in your house

Is the German shepherd Husky Mix Aggressive

No dog is born aggressive. It’s the environment that often drives a dog to become aggrieve. Well, socialized dogs are never aggressive, and they are forever easy to handle.  Dogs who are mishandled and not socialized tend to be aggressive and unwelcoming.

Does The German shepherd Husky Mix Shed A Lot

The Gerberian husky sheds a lot, especially during summer and fall. Thus people who are allergic to fur may find it hard to live with this dog.

Pros of Owning the German shepherd Husky Mix

  • Friendly with children
  • Easy to train
  • The dog is not noisy
  • Loyal and protective to its handlers

Cons of Owning the German shepherd Husky Mix

  • This dog shed a lot
  • Requires lots of exercise sessions
  • Requires an experienced handler

German shepherd Husky Mix Summary

The German shepherd husky mix is a friendly, playful, and loyal family companion. With its high energy levels, this dog breed mix will require an active family to exercise it daily. So if you have been thinking of owning a designer dog breed that is masculine and playful, you should go for this breed mix.

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