Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

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australian shepherd german shepherd dog

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is a unique crossbreed between the loyal German shepherd and the hardworking Australian shepherd.

Also known as the Australian German shepherd, this breed mix is a perfect home companion, loyal and protective to its handlers. As a trait common to its parents, this dog possesses high energy levels. If not helping you herd cattle, this dog will love accompanying you on your regular jogging sessions.

As a designer dog, this breed mix can possess the traits and appearance of either parent. Alternatively, don’t be amused when you get a breed mix with the features of the parent with the healthiest genes.

So, how does the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix relate with children? And how much exercise will it require? Let’s dive in to learn more about this breed mix.

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Origin Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is a relatively new breed mix with no recorded history. However, the history of its parents dates back to 100 years ago. Let’s have a look at the history of the German shepherd and the Australian shepherd.

The German Shepherd

The history of the German shepherd started in the late 1800s from an ex-German Calvary captain, Max von Stephanitz, in Germany. Captain max von Stephanitz had this ideology that dogs should be bred for working and nothing more. During that era, this captain was not impressed with the native shepherd dogs as they didn’t fit the description of perfect working dogs. He desired to have shepherd dogs with high energy levels and a strong working drive.

German Shepherd Dog Breed

While attending a dog show in England, he came across a dog with the same characteristics that he desired.  This dog was known as Hektor Linksrhein. He purchased this dog and renamed it Horand von Grafrath. He started a breeding program with Hektor Linksrhein, breeding with dogs from Thuringia, Wurttemberg, and Franconia. Through such breeding programs, the offspring that came forth were energetic, loyal, and fitted the attributes of ideal working dogs.

This dog is now known as the father of German shepherds. And to date, some dogs still retain the characteristic that Horand von Grafrath had.

The Australian Shepherd

As per most people’s perception, the Australian shepherd is a dog from Australia. However, that is not true, as this dog is more of an American native shepherd dog. This dog got its name from America Cowboy’s as these dogs were associated with shepherds from Australia.

So when did all this start?  The Australian shepherd is a descendant of dogs from the Pyrenees Mountains, a region between Spain and France. The Basque people owned these shepherds’ dogs. Afterward, the Basque shepherds set sail to Australia in search of green pastures for their cattle.

Australian Shepherd dog breed

And In their transit, they carried their shepherd dogs with them. In Australia, these shepherd dogs were perfected by breeding them with other dogs like the collies and border collies, and what they got were dogs who loved herding cattle.

Later these Basque people set sail to California, where these dogs worked in ranches as herding dogs. The working capabilities of these dogs amused the settlers. In America, these shepherd dogs continued to be perfected to get the present Australian shepherds who have become part of cowboy’s culture.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Appearance And Size

The Australian German shepherd mix is a medium-sized dog breed mix weighing between 46-65 pounds. This dog is often bigger than the Australian shepherd but smaller than the German shepherds. Again males tend to be bigger and masculine than females.

This dog can stand between 19-23 inches.

This breed mix has a double coat of short to medium length, a trait common to both parents. This coat can be straight or wavy.

Again the coat colors can vary from one dog to the other.

Common Coat Colors of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

  • Black and tan
  • Solid colors like black, red, blue
  • Brindle
  • Bicolor
  • Merle

Furthermore, this dog has a proportional wedge-shaped head. Additionally, it has triangular ears with round tips. When alert, the ears will perk up; however, they become floppy when the dog is at ease.

This dog’s almond-shaped eyes express an intelligent and courageous dog. Common eye colors present in this dog breed mix are blue or brown. You may also find your Australian shepherd German shepherd mix with heterochromia, which is more common in the Australian shepherd.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Temperaments And Personalities

The Australian shepherd German shepherd mix is an intelligent, brave, and loyal canine who will love staying close to its family members.

This dog is aloof of strangers, and such makes it a reliable guard dog for your home.

Also, this breed mix can start herding small pets or children, and such can happen if this dog possesses the genes of the Australian shepherd parent. If not working, this dog will be at ease when it lays near you, waiting for belly rubs.

Like most dogs, the Australian shepherd is sensitive about how it’s handled. Don’t shout, throw things, or even kick this dog; such can lead to behavioral issues like aggressiveness and anxiety. However, if handled correctly, you will get a friendly and awesome family pet.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Exercise Needs

As a trait common to its parents, the Australian German shepherd has high energy levels. And so, it will need 45-60 minutes of exercise a day. Confining this dog in a small space will not sustain its exercise needs.

When available, take your dog to jogging or swimming sessions. Doing so, you will have burnt all pent-up energy that may make this dog destructive and difficult to handle.

Apart from physical stimulation, the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix will require mental stimulation. Learn to teach this dog new tricks, or give it some puzzle that will challenge its intelligence.

When not around, you can seek the services of a dog walker or pet sitter to help exercise this dog.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Training And Socializing

Training this dog will be much easier when you start as early as eight weeks. It’s at this age that most dogs are eager to learn new tricks and commands. Start with potty training sessions and other simple training sessions.

Since both parents of this dog love learning tricks and their love of pleasing their owners are unmatchable, it’s often guaranteed you will have smooth training sessions with this designer dog. When training this dog, learn to use positive reinforcement.

Through positive reinforcement, you will only reward the dog when it does something remarkable. And if the dog doesn’t follow your commands, then don’t reward it. With that, your dog will associate good deeds with getting a reward.

australian shepherd german shepherd dog

Sometimes you may lack time to train your dog, and that’s where obedience classes come in. You can enroll this dog in these classes to learn how to perform tricks and become a dog that is not cumbersome to have.

It’s also at this point that you need to socialize your dog. Let the dog come across various sights and sounds. With that, this dog will be comfortable when interacting with the world around it. Such a socialized dog can make an independent judgment on how it should react when threatened or when it’s in an unfamiliar place.

A dog who’s not socialized is aggressive, stubborn, and difficult to handle.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Grooming Needs

The Australian shepherd German shepherd has a double coat which often sheds or ‘blows out’ in seasons. During these seasons, you will need to intensify the rate you groom your dog and perhaps vacuuming your house.

All along, this dog’s coat will require constant maintenance to minimize the rate at which it develops mats or fur sticking on your cloth or furniture.

Learn to brush this dog weekly using a slicker brush towards where the fur is growing. Learn to bathe this dog every six months. And often use a veterinary-approved dog shampoo, not human shampoo.

If you use human shampoo, you risk eroding its coat. Don’t bathe this dog several times in a year. The reason being, you risk eroding this dog’s coat’s normal flora and disrupting the coat’s pH, which can lead to dry and scaly skin.

Learn how to keep a balance.

Other grooming etiquettes you should not forget are, brushing this dog’s teeth with a veterinary-approved toothpaste and toothbrush and remember to keep its nails short. Also, keep on checking the ears twice a week. Look inside the ears for any signs of infection, odor, or excess wax discharge.

If you note anything out of place, contact the veterinarian.

Also, learn to update your dog’s vaccination and deworming schedule.

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Diet

As a high-energy dog, the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix thrives on a high protein diet. Always look for a high-quality diet that will serve this dog’s needs. How many cups of food will this dog need? Well, an adult Australian shepherd German shepherd mix will need 2 to 4 cups of food daily. Remember to divide these servings into two.

Depending on your preference, you can either initiate your dog on a dry, wet, or homemade diet. Dry kibble is recommended as it is often cheap, and its abrasive nature helps clean your dog’s teeth. However, if your dog is not comfortable with kibble, you can resort to canned / wet food.

Also, take note of the calories in either type of diet. For example, dry food has high calories than wet food. Hence it goes without saying that when you give your dog wet food, the servings will be more than someone giving their dog kibble.

On the lower side, you should ensure your dog gets 1000 calories a day and not more than 1700 kCal.

While at that, you need to know that some variables can determine how much food your Australian German shepherd mix will need. These factors are size, age, metabolism rate, and your dog’s energy levels

Altogether, a well-fed Australian shepherd German shepherd mix will be a happy and healthy dog.

Health Issues Of The Australian German Shepherd Mix

Most mixed dogs are healthier than their parents, which is true for the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix.

Even so, that doesn’t eliminate the chances of this dog acquiring disease associated with its parents.

Here are some of the diseases associated with the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix.

Note that when purchasing this dog breed mix, ensure you get it from a reputable breeder who knows his trades well. Desist from getting your dog from any breeder who’s not authentic, as you risk purchasing an unhealthy dog, and you may end up spending more money to keep this dog healthy. And that should not be the case.

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The Lifespan Of The Australian German Shepherd

If well-fed and taken care of, the Australian shepherd German shepherd mix can live from 9-15 years.

Where Do I Get An Australian German Shepherd Mix?

Often finding a breeder who breeds this breed mix can be challenging. However, you can try your luck by talking to the respective kennel clubs of its parents. Through the parent clubs of this dog’s parent, you may be directed to where you can get authentic and registered dog breeders.

 Sometimes you may be unsuccessful; hence you can try your luck by checking any dog rescue center near your locality. As a relatively rare dog breed mix, you may walk for miles or stay for long before finding a puppy Australian shepherd German shepherd mix.

Highlight: If you can, adopt before you shop. First, visit a dog rescue center, as dogs here risk being euthanized as these rescue centers become overwhelmed by their numbers. 

Here is where you can probably check for this breed mix

Price Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

The cost of the Australian German shepherd mix can range from 350-850 dollars. Some variables can determine the price, for example, the age of this dog breed, locality, and breeders preference.

Also, take keen of other recurrent medical and non-medical expenditures you will have to spend when you have this dog breed mix in your house.

Utmost per year, you may spend 500$-800$ to cater for these expenses.

Summary Table Of The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

Australian shepherd German shepherd mixAttributes
Height19-23 inches
Weight40-65 pounds
Temperaments and traitsIntelligent, brave, loyal, energetic
Coat typeMedium length double coat
Coat colorsBlack and tan, Solid colors like black, red, blue, Brindle, Bicolor, Merle  
Shedding levelsHigh
Grooming needsModerate to high
Barking levelsModerate
Relationship with childrenPerfect
Relationship with other petsPerfect
Health issuesHip and elbow dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, progressive retinal atrophy, cancer
Lifespan9-15 years

Does The Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix Relate Well With Children And Other Pets?

If well-raised together with these children and pets, this dog will relate well with them. However, children will need to learn how to interact and play with this dog. They need to know that they should not pull the dog’s ears or tail. Also, they should not disturb it when it’s sleeping or eating.

With that, always have someone supervising how this dog and children interact.

Will The Australian German Shepherd Mix Be The Perfect Dog For Me?

Do you love energetic, playful, and loyal dog breeds, then look no more; this dog breed mix is a perfect match for you. However, if dog breed mixes are not your taste, you live in an apartment, hate exercising, and it’s often rare to find you at home, owning this breed mix will frustrate you.  And perhaps you should consider other dog breeds with fewer demands.

Pros of the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

  • Loyal to its handers
  • Playful
  • Loves children and other pets
  • Easy to train

Cons of the Australian Shepherd German Shepherd Mix

  • It can be hard to find
  • Requires regular grooming sessions

Australian Shepherd German Mix Summary

The Australian German shepherd mix is an intelligent, high-energy dog breed mix with a high working drive.  With that, it will require a family that will match its energy levels. Always ensure you have exercised it daily. Again, remember to feed it with a highly nutritious diet.

Now on to you, do you own this dog breed mix? And would you have one if given a chance? Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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