Aussiedoodle: Dog Breed Information

by Vivvy A
brown labradoodle puppy

If you are a dog lover and want to get an Aussiedoodle, you should have sound knowledge about the breed. Although, Aussiedoodle are cuties, having colorful hair, and a lovely look, there are many other positive things about having an Aussiedoodle.

No doubt these cuties are intelligent, non-aggressive, loyal, clingy and one of the best family dogs. Many other pearls of information that are collected and described here may be proved to be helpful for you.

Aussiedoodle History


The origin of this cute breed is based on the demand of some dog lovers to the breed designers. There’s not any well-documented tale about the origin of this cutie. But this was bred for the very first time in the last 20 years, in the US. Despite the beauty of this dog breed, nothing much is famous in his history yet.

Pedigree of Aussiedoodles

Aussiedoodles are cross breed product of a female purebred Poodle and a male purebred Australian Shepherd. Despite such noble ancestors, Aussiedoodles are not still registered by any of the international clubs such as the American Kennel Club. These cuties are not considered to be purebreds, therefore, are not considered for registration.

Aussiedoodle Height

The standing height of an average Aussiedoodle is about 14 to 23 inches. But according to the body build, height can vary.

Aussiedoodle Weight

The weight of this hybrid breed is about 25 to 70 Pounds. But weight depends on body build and age. The weight can change according to the age, gender, and metabolic activity of Aussiedoodles.

A toy Aussiedoodle is considered to be fully grown at the age of 7.5-11 Months while a medium-sized Aussiedoodle is fully grown at the age of 11-13 Months.

Aussiedoodle Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of Aussiedoodles is about 12 years, which can vary by proper care and good nutritional status. There may be a variation because there’s no guarantee of any living being for a specific lifespan.

Aussiedoodle Characteristics

  • Aussiedoodles love to have fun. They are masters of swift training. They love bouncy and jumping, so love to play with anything that comes along their path.
  • They have a trait common with their ancestor Australian Shepherd i.e ability to develop separation anxiety. They are clingy. No doubt their friendly nature makes them attached to the family. But they love to seek attention all the time. So, they can’t stay alone. With unconditional attention and love, they crave attention all the time.
  • Aussiedoodles love to cuddle the owner, they also love to be a night tradition if the owner allows them on the bed. It can be a perfect choice in winter for having a warm doggie with you while sleeping and it can reduce the demand for a heater.
  • Because of the offspring of hardworking breeds, Aussiedoodles love to have tasks and enjoy engagement in the task. Their training for this makes them perfect for task accomplishment.
australian labradoodle puppy
  • Aussiedoodles have a playful nature and love to have gifts and surprises. They also have some naughty nature to show their toys to their fellow dogs but never share toys with them. They love to play different games but sometimes they get stuck to one of their favorite games.
  • Although the ancestors of Aussiedoodle have entirely different hair coat, they have a very soft and less shedding hair coat with a variety of colors. Their coats can vary depending on your choice, i.e either it can be very fluffy and shaggy and require special grooming and brushing or it can have some short curly hairs that can be a good choice for summer. So, maintenance and grooming depend on your choice.
  • Aussiedoodle can be a perfect choice for serving you, as whenever you find your day dull and boring, they will take special care of you and will support you morally so that your emotional status gets raised. So, they are best for emotional therapy.
  • They are really intelligent just like their ancestors. Therefore, they are easier to train.

Aussiedoodle Training and care

Aussiedoodle is very intelligent and can easily be trained. Training makes them jubilant. They respond to commands actively and learn lesion from every single command very easily. They need to be well-behaved. Gentle handling and proper attention make them your best friend. So, whenever you are training your pet, reward and positive enforcement make them learn more quickly.

Aussiedoodle doesn’t need any special care, only gentle handling, attention, and affection all the time make them feel good and happy all the time. They shouldn’t be alone left for a long time because they may get separation anxiety and can become aggressive.

Aussiedoodle Health problems

Although Aussiedoodles enjoy good health, some diseases are transmitted genetically from parents to off-springs. These diseases sometimes demand special attention. These health issues are:

  • Cushing’s disease mostly results from some tumor that secret hormones. This hormone-secreting tumorous mass can be found in the pituitary gland or attached to the adrenal gland, or sometimes an ectopic nest of the cells may be present at any site in the body and secrete cortisol. Cortisol, a stress hormone, is normally produced in the body, but its excess may lead to skin pigmentation, weight gain, increased appetite, exercise intolerance, and hair loss.
  • Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture. Sometimes due to degeneration of fibers of cruciate ligaments results in loss of stability of knee joints. The degenerative process may continue for years to cause weakness of ligament fibers and a jump is enough to cause rupture of the ligament. So, only surgical treatment is the option left for this.
  • Epilepsy. Convulsions are seen in many Aussiedoodles. In some dogs, lives are normal with mild convulsions and they don’t need any medication. But in others, convulsions are so severe that cannot be corrected without medication.
brown labradoodle puppy
  • Hip Dysplasia. It is a developmental disorder that is mostly inherited, sometimes there’s mild pain due to this defect but it can lead to degenerative osteoarthritis. The best method of detection is an X-ray scan.
  • Ivermectin Sensitivity. Aussiedoodles have inherited some drug allergies and ivermectin is one of them. So, before administering this drug, their blood should be evaluated for any allergic reaction to that drug.
  • Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas that produces many enzymes of digestion as well as hormones like insulin and glucagon. Pancreatitis can be caused by trauma, some reactions of medicines, and lipid-rich food. This condition is most commonly seen in obese and overweight dogs.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy can result in blindness. It is mostly an inherited disorder. Therefore, before buying an Aussiedoodle, you should have to carefully observe the parents of the pet.
  • Exercise and Activity Levels must be high for Aussiedoodles, just because lack of exercise and activity may lead to weight gain as well as behavioral consequences.

Aussiedoodle Diet and Nutrition

As for every dog, Aussiedoodles also demands a healthy diet for better energy reserves and a robust body. Many options of healthy foods are available for Aussiedoodles that range from raw to cooked food and cooked food is either homemade or can be canned food. But the safest option is to feed your Aussiedoodle a good quality, healthy, homemade, and dry food.

Many companies made food rich in nutrients according to the nutritional requirement of Aussiedoodle. So, choosing a perfect diet rich in nutrients, that keep an Aussiedoodle strong is necessary.

The active and athletic nature of this hybrid breed demands some appropriate food that could meet the nutritional demands of the dog according to size and age. They don’t have any additional nutritional demands. But the level of diet should have some respect as an adult’s meal should not be fed to any puppy Aussiedoodle.

Aussiedoodles need some extra kibble than many other dog breeds but don’t allow them to overeat, as it can lead to gain weight that eventually results in many health issues of varying degrees. So, must follow manufacture recommendations about the amount to serve. Another better way is to feed the same amount of food in divided meals so that any health hazard should be avoided.

Where To Adopt or Buy an Aussiedoodle?

There are many rescues, adoption, and buying sites for Aussiedoodles. You can easily search the trusted sites. Here are some suggestions like you can search for:

Aussiedoodle Summary

Aussiedoodles are gentle, intelligent, loyal, affectionate, and attention-seeking dog breeds. They enjoy good health but sometimes some of them get genetic abnormalities that can be troublesome. They are the breed product of Poodle and Australian Shepherd.

Their height and weight depend on age, body build, and metabolic activity.

Their lifespan varies according to lifestyle. They are intelligent and love to be trained. They don’t have any additional nutritional requirements. They can get obese and overweight by eating extra meals. They don’t demand any extra grooming but it mainly depends on your requirement.

There are many sites available for adopting and buying Aussiedoodle. You can search for a trusted site. But you have to keenly observe your loved pet and its parents before buying or adopting it.

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