Agouti Husky: Dog Breed Information

by Vivvy A
Agouti Husky.

The Agouty Husky and other Huskies are decedents of wolves. A wolf called the Taymyr is responsible for the inception of the husky breed.

They were found in the beginning in Russia and North Asia. These huskies were domesticated for the first time in history by the Chukchi people.

These dogs were used as working companions to pull sleds on the ice, and they were great companions for the people in the wilderness and ice.

There are different colors in huskies, and the specific color we will discuss here is agouty. They are not show dogs and are darker than other huskies. The color of agouti is considered the oldest color for mammals. Agouti huskies are great companions and are sturdy workers.

These dogs have great energy, and you need different exercises and long walks daily to prevent them from becoming destructive. You cannot leave this dog alone for a long time.

They need the company of their owners. Agouti huskies are excellent family dogs, and with daily exercise, you can get their love, affection, and companionship.

Agouti Husky Characteristics, Temperament, Coat, Colors

An Agouti Husky is just like any other husky; the main difference is in their color. These dogs are powerful and great companions for sledding over the ice. This dog breed is intelligent and very affectionate towards humans.

An Agouti husky will consider you as a companion, not a master. They are playful dogs and love to play with strangers too.

These are very intelligent dogs and, with the help of intelligence, can maneuver tracks on ice. You cannot keep them as guard dogs because of their playful nature. The Huskies need bit more exercising activities as compared to other dogs.

Agouti Husky needs to be involved in physical and mental exercises. The more difficult the exercise, the more they will feel happy.

Agouti Husky

Agouti huskies are loving in nature, and you can train them from an early age. The puppies are intelligent and eager to learn. If you don’t provide them with plenty of exercises, they may start showing destructive behavior.

Playing tricks at an early age always pays off in adulthood. The color of Agouties is darker on the face. They usually don’t have blue eyes.

A husky with black eyes and a black color base with grey patches is the sign of agouti huskies. They have two coats with good fur. The undercoat is usually grey and individual hair can also get different coloring. The outer coat is mixed with grey and black patches, and it is thick enough to keep them warm in ultimate temperatures.

The color of an Agouti husky can keep changing in its lifetime. The puppy can have dark grey patches, which can turn light grey as they grow old.

An individual hair can have a different color. That’s why you will see a smoky pattern on their coat. These playful dogs need your attention and company to stay fit and healthy.

How Big do Agouti Huskies Get

These wolf-like huskies are not giants and come in the medium-size category. Regardless of their color, they can grow up to 24 inches. Their weight usually ranges from 42 to 50 pounds.

They have a double coat over their body. That’s why they look bulky and heavy, but in reality, they are not what they seem.

There could be a size and weight difference between male and female Agouti huskies. The females tend to be a bit shorter and lighter than their male compatriots. Their weight and size make them a perfect family dog with playful nature.

Training and Care for Agouti Husky

Agouties are great companions, independent, and if you let them make their own decisions, things could worsen. You need to train them to make them follow your command and do what is right. You need to establish your authority as head of the pack in the early days.

You may lose control over an agouti husky if you continuously shout at them; that’s why training is so important when they are young so that things are easier for you.

Leash walking is also another great training to work on with your agouti husky. A puppy is taught to stay in the appropriate place during a lead walk. Here you can teach them commands for no tugging and no lagging, which will help prevent too much leash pulling as they get older.

You need to be cautious of the signs of potty and pee and housetrain your agouti husky properly to make things easier for you. Potty training with an Agouti husky could be difficult, but you can have them do their dirty business outside with patience, a routine, and the proper reinforcement.

Reward them when they follow your commands to sit, stand and come. Intelligent and eager-to-learn puppies won’t make these commands difficult for you.

Agouti Husky Health Problems

Agouti huskies are beautiful dogs with great energy and will to work, but there are some diseases inherited by these playful dogs that might cause them to suffer.

The most common one is hip dysplasia which is an issue in the ball and socket joint of the femur and hip of the dog. If this problem occurs, the pain may keep increasing and, in some rare cases, could lead to euthanasia.

The other problem is related to the eyes. Agouti huskies are more prone to eye-related problems than hip dysplasia.

Cataracts or cloud-like pattern can occur in their eyes which makes them unable to see, and cataracts is not only confined to older dogs. The junior cataract can affect young dogs and even puppies to make life difficult for them.

Another eye disease is a tumor-like structure growing in the eyes. These propel things difficult for both the dog and the owner. There is an interesting fact, though, about the illnesses of Agouties. Purebred dogs are more likely to suffer from these diseases than the mixed breed.

Agouti Husky Diet and nutrition

Agouti huskies have high-energy levels, and they need high-energy food as well. A good quality kibble will do well for these dogs but don’t just take any nutritional advice from the internet. Always consult with your vet for advice on a healthy diet plan for your Agouti husky.

Agouties can have several different foods we also love to eat, but you must remain cautious about the quantity. Healthy diet and treats for agouties could include a mixture of:

  • Fish, beef, and chicken
  • Apples
  • Pumpkin
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Squash
  • Carrots
  • Cooked whole grains
  • Cheese and yogurt
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries
Agouti Husky..

Pros and Cons of Agouti Husky

Some owners get tired of these agouties and take them to shelters, but still, you can find thousands of happy and satisfied owners. There are some pros along with cons to having an Agouti husky. Let’s explore them both.

Agouti huskies are good-natured dogs with high energy levels and appealing looks. They can be playful with children, family members, and friends. This is a loving and playful dog with independent nature.

They are not stinky, and you don’t have to worry about any odor. These dogs are convenient and economical to keep, and you don’t have to worry about providing them ample food as they are bred to survive on less.

The cons of having an agouti husky are not enough to despise these strikingly beautiful dogs but knowing them is always helpful. The huskies are heavy shedding dogs and independent.

They can wander off and go out of the door ajar. They are predators in nature and are not safe with other pets. They are headstrong and can intimidate you if you don’t demonstrate your authority.

They are not guard dogs and love to wander a lot. Their howling in loneliness or when they are bored could make things worse for you. You need to provide them with daily exercise; otherwise, they may start showing aggressive behaviors and chewing on your expensive furniture.

Price, Where to Adopt or Buy Them Agouti Husky

Agouti huskies have high energy surges, which could create issues for the owners. This phenomenon results in some owners giving off their pets to shelters and rescuers. You can have an Agouti from there if you are lucky but going to a quality breeder for a puppy is never a bad choice.

You can train the puppy and have them follow your command at the right time. The price for an agouti husky could range from $800 to $1000 from a reputed breeder who provides care and love to the animals.

Is Agouti Husky Part Wolf

Agouti huskies came from the wolf breed, which is now extinct. The Taymyr wolf were their ancestors dwelling in north Asia and Russia. Agouties are not wolves in their nature and temperaments.

These powerful dogs are sledding champions, and people use them over ice for sport and fun, but their wolf-like features can still confuse people.

These dogs are domesticated, playful, and compassionate towards their owners. They have enormous energy in them, and you need regular activities to keep them satiated. If you don’t provide them with the activities and games, they may become destructive and exhibit chewing behavior.

Agouti Husky Summary

Agouti huskies hail from a fascinating dog breed with wolf-like features. These dogs are more gentle, medium dogs who love to play even with strangers. You cannot use them as guard dogs, but they are a great companion over ice during sledding.

Agouti huskies are affectionate and loving. With proper exercise and training, you can prevent their destructive behavior. When you keep their energy surge under control, this dark color husky can become the most fascinating dog you ever had.

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