10 Ways To Remove Pet Hair From Your Car

by Vivvy A
dog looking through a car window

Having a pet can be very rewarding. We love our pets, but they aren’t conducive to keeping our homes and vehicles clean.

When it comes to pet hair, you will quickly get used to finding it everywhere, and when it’s time to remove dog and cat hair from your car, you may find it troublesome.

In this article, we will list some pet hair removal tools for your car, tell you how to get dog and cat hair out of your car, and how to prevent it in the first place.

Get A Pet Hair Vacuum

Man cleaning house from dog fur with vacuum

Many different types of vacuums exist, each one having its own specific job. When it comes to getting rid of dog hair out of your car, you will want to look for one that handles pet hair well to avoid unclogging the vacuum regularly. 

A car-friendly vacuum can also make a difference as it is easier to get in difficult spaces and comes with tools to work on the materials used for the interior of cars.

Car Seat Covers

Remove pet hair from car - Car seat cover to keep hair off car seats

Using a car seat cover is one of the best ways that you can keep pet hair off your car seats. When the time comes to remove the hair, you can take the seat covers off, shake them out, and then vacuum them off in your home.

Here is a good car seat cover selling on Amazon or this one or another that covers your car seat completely and others selling on chewy.

Car seat covers provide a much easier alternative to vacuuming the seats in your car with limited room.

Don’t forget to take your floor mats out too. Car companies make them removable purposefully to make cleaning slightly easier.

Try A Velcro Curler

colorful hair rollers curlers in black basket in hairdressing beauty salon

A velcro curler is a small handheld tool that you can run through your car to pick up pet hair. The velcro sticks to hair and removes it from surfaces. Because these tools are flexible, you can easily get in bends in the frame of your car and under seats.

Velcro is best for leather and floor materials. Cloth areas may experience pulling when the velcro is applied.

While you can buy a specialized velcro roller just for cleaning up dog hair, there is a cheaper option. You can use velcro hair curlers as an alternative solution.

Use Packing Tape

packaging tape and tape dispenser on brown storage box

Packing tape can be used to pull up pet hair from your car. It is especially helpful compared to a lint roller because it can grab hair from nooks and crannies. You can use duct tape for a stronger pull, but you may find that it leaves more adhesive behind.

When using duct tape on any interior surface of your car, it is recommended to test it on a small patch, hidden patch before you apply it to the whole surface.

If you use duct tape, lightly apply the tape to the surface, and pull away gently. You aren’t trying to strip the surface; you’re just trying to create enough force to pull up the hair.

Try A Dryer Sheet

Most of us already have dryer sheets at home to help keep static off our clothes. It turns out that these sheets are also great for removing pet hair from your car’s interior. Take a dryer sheet and go over any surfaces in your vehicle that have pet hair on them.

Dryer sheets are relatively cheap, can be bought in bulk, and don’t need anything additional to work. I.e., they don’t need to be wet down, nor do you need to spray the surface you are wiping off.

Use A Large Rubber Kitchen Glove

close up green kitchen rubber glove and pink sponge

Those large rubber kitchen gloves are great for more than doing the dishes or cleaning the toilet. Get a pair and take them to your car.

After putting the glove on, dunk your hand into the water. With the wet glove, rub in the same direction over the seats and floor.

As you rub your hand over the surface, the hair will be dragged by the wet glove and clump up. Once the hair is in clumps, you can easily pick them up. This option works better for hard seats and stiff fabrics rather than softer surfaces.

Try A Balloon

Colorful balloons at a party lying on the floor

Everyone has had that experience where they get static in their hair or rub their socks on the ground and shock a friend. You can use that same static electricity that you used to play around with to remove dog hair from your car.

Balloons build up static energy when rubbed against a fabric. Fill a regular balloon up with air and rub it against your shirt or pants. Once you have built up a static charge, all you need to do is run the balloon over the surface.

Using balloons to remove pet hair from the car can be turned into a fun chore. Give them different color balloons every time and let them go at it. If you don’t have kids, you can still turn it into a fun chore for yourself.

Fabric Softener Spray Bottle

Set of three bottles of spray cleaning products on bubbles background

One of the uses of fabric softeners is to remove hair from clothes. This means that it can be used to help remove hair from fabrics in your car too. Buy a small spray bottle and fill it with water.

Add up to 3 teaspoons of fabric softener to the mix, and you will have a solution to help loosen the hair in the car.

After spraying the fabric in the car, you can use a paper towel or one of the other methods in this article to pull up hair. The hair should come up much easier, allowing you to get almost all or all of it.

Fabric softener is made for fabrics used in clothes, so it is advisable that you try it on a section of your car’s fabric that isn’t visible before you use it elsewhere. You don’t want any stains, stiffening, or other problems as a result.

Rubber and Squeegees Work Well

Rubber is used to remove hair from a variety of different surfaces. You can get a strip of rubber and run it across the various surfaces in your car.  

Use it in continuous wiping motions to push the hair to the end of the surface and then pull the hair from the surface as well as from the rubber material.

A few specialized rubber tools can be found on Amazon and other sites that are specifically designed to remove pet hair from your car. You can use this Travel Pet Hair Remover Brush, Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair, or a squeegee for cleaning if you already have one at your home. A squeegee will work to remove the pet hair from the car.

Brush Your Car

A jack russel  being groomed with a brush

Once you have used the other methods of removing pet hair from your car, you can follow that up with brushing your car, just like you do with your dog.

A wire brush can snag stubborn pet hairs from thicker car fabrics and from nooks that may exist in the design of your seats.

When purchasing a wire brush to use for pet hair removal in your car, you will want to look for one that has collections of small wire bristles.

It is also helpful to find one that is relatively small so that you can get under seats in smaller areas and otherwise navigate the difficult areas of your car.

Gently run a wire brush across your seats and flooring to start pulling up loose dog hairs. Do not pull if the brush gets stuck, and do not use too much force to prevent damage to your car.

Removing Pet Hair From Car Summary

Brown Pomeranian dog sitting on car seat looking forward in the vehicle - remove pet hair from car

Getting rid of dog or cat hair from your car may have been difficult in the past, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. With these tips, you can quickly remove pet hair from almost any part of any car.

If you would like to do less work and have an electrical socket in your car, you might like the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum. It has a really good suction that I think you’d love, and it gets the job done very fast.

Like with any cleaning technique, you should start with a small area first and then moving out from there. You want to make sure that you don’t damage your vehicle while cleaning.

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