How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need

by Vivvy A
Labrador Retriever Jogging Outside With Owner

Dogs need anywhere from about 20 minutes of exercise at a minimum daily or at least three times per week to one hour or an hour and a half if your dog is super active and seems to be a very high-energy dog.

Exercises like power walks, dancing (Musical freestyle), swimming, agility training like jumping through hula hoops or over barriers, tug of war, and fetch will significantly impact your dogs’ health and mood in great ways. Reducing the chance for obesity and also diseases like arthritis that may affect your dog later on.

Dog Jumping Obstacle Training

It’s crucial to have your dogs exercise especially if they are hyperactive and exhibit any behavioral problems. Your dogs need an outlet that helps them relieve their high energy. Exercise promotes everything great with your dog, including keeping him healthy and helping your dog keep a calm temperament.

Woman Playing With Her Dog Outside

Dog Destructive Behavior

So often, a dog becomes destructive, plays very rough, they tear apart furniture, they get into the garbage and are continually jumping on people that are around, and many dog owners think that their dog is bad. This is where the miscommunication lies between dogs and their owners.

These are all symptoms of a physically and mentally stimulated dog and who needs an outlet that helps him use up that energy. Yes, walking may be useful for many dogs, but if you have a super high-energy dog, then walking your dog isn’t going to do much good at all. You’ve got to get your dog outside and teach him to fetch.

Playing Fetch With Dog

Golden Retriever Catching Frisbee

You can teach a dog, particularly a dog with a lot of energy, to fetch and do it efficiently. This may take about an hour to an hour and a half per day to get them tired, depending on your dog. Fetch is one of the ways how to tire out a dog quickly.

Have your dogs exercise for about an hour to an hour and a half a day, four to five times a week. Have shorter sessions in hot weather that are fairly significantly to 30 through 45 minutes. Some dogs may play for a longer time than other dogs, so try to read your dog and avoid pushing him too hard.

We love our dogs, but they can be major brats when they are not tired, so we’ve got to ensure that our dogs get the exercise they need and so rightfully deserve. Dogs are so highly adaptable to what we ask them to do. They’re very versatile animals which is why they embed themselves in our society.

Depending on how you look at it, they may be the ones domesticating us in many ways because if you look at the symbiotic relationship between dogs and people. The way how we rely on one another, it’s such a win-win relationship.

My Dog Won’t Fetch

Golden Retriever Playing Fetch

Fetch doesn’t have to be with a Frisbee; a ball will do just fine. Frisbee takes a little more training. When you’re starting with fetch at first and even after you’ve done it a lot, you may find it to be more enjoyable than using a Frisbee or the other way around.

One of the biggest mistakes I think people make during fetch is that they are so unengaging and uninteresting. Having your energy up is essential for your dog’s playfulness.

Even if you don’t think you can match your dogs’ energy, you can still do things like tossing the ball or Frisbee at a farther distance. When your dog brings it back, you rub his head, provide some positive enforcement, and throw the ball again.

So often, people don’t get the immediate response they are looking for when they’re playing with their dog; they think the dog is bored and is not interested in playing when it is because of our low energy, why our dog acts the way they do. 

As long as you genuinely have fun with your dog, the dog will react to that and play more, essentially using up that built-up energy.

Dog Exercise Needs By Breed

Golden Retriever Runs and Plays in Grass

Remember also that some dogs like to chill. Take your stereotypical basset hound, for example; they might have no interest in playing Frisbee. Some do. Some don’t. When it comes to your dogs, you can’t stereotype.

Even a dog breed exercise chart will fail to be accurate for all dogs of the same breed. One of the biggest problems in dog training today is the over stereotyping of dog breeds, which is why you should try to do very little of it.

It is more important to understand your dog and give them exercise based on their level of energy and playfulness than to assume that your dog does not need to exercise as much because he is a Bulldog or Bull Mastiff.

The same can be said about so-called low-energy small dogs.

Dog Playing Fetch With Owner in the Park

What To Do If Your Dog is Getting Bored With Training

Puppy in a Park With Owner

What you should do with your dog when he’s at that point when you know he’s just getting bored is to try to make it more interesting for him. Do things like pick up your tone a little bit and try and get more exciting with what you’re trying to engage your dog in.

But remember that if you really want to succeed, you must be genuine. Play a little tug with the ball or a Frisbee. Your dog feeds off your energy, so your attitude is very important.

When we have that high-energy dog, the traditional advice has been to fight it. You have a dog that jumps on you. So try to get him to be calm by being really stern and really strict with them. As dog owners, we should embrace their energy and give them that natural outlet they so want and deserve.

Man’s Best Friend

Woman Doing Exercise With Dog

We don’t bring dogs into our life so we can make them miserable and calm. We bring them into our lives to make their lives and our lives better. If your dog is hyper, bring him outside, let him play.

Take some time to structure your dog’s training. Your dogs’ hyperactivity is energy that has been building up. Take your dog outside and play with him. It may just be what he’s been missing. He’s not really a bad dog, just full of energy.

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