15 Facts About Labradoodles That You Should Know

by Vivvy A
australian labradoodle puppy

If you love Labradoodles or you’re thinking about getting one, then you have to know these Labradoodle facts. Labradoodles are one of the top dog breeds for families that love dogs. This lovable breed of dogs are hybrids with perfect attributes.

A bonus fact: Aside from their looks and affection, the Labradoodle dog breed is cuddly and highly energetic.

australian labradoodle puppy facts

Labradoodles have a distinct reputation that precedes them.  Of all other dog breeds, they are extremely smart, high energetic, and curious breeds.

They interact with humans and other dogs with ease.

If you are thinking of adding the labradoodle to your family, here are some of the facts about the Labradoodle breed you should know

1. Labradoodles Are Cross Breeds from Poodle and Labrador Retriever

Families have not gotten the opportunity to have the Labradoodle breed since forever. Interestingly, this particular dog breed came around in the1980s.

Australian cross breeder, Wally Conron, was the architect behind the crossbreeding activity that brought the Labradoodle into being.

brown labradoodle laying in grass

His successful attempt at crossbreeding the standard poodle and the Labrador retriever came from the motivation to create a guide dog.

This guide dog will be useful to families with allergies to dog fur and dander.

From Australian cities to American households, Labradoodles have been in service of families since then.

2. Hypoallergenic Nature

One of the reasons why people love Labradoodles is due to their anti-allergy form. Not all are completely hypoallergenic.

Labradoodles come in different coat types. These coat types interact with different allergies.

black labradoodle straight hair looking

Straight fur type sheds more than the other type of coats. These breeds are less popular to the curly fur Labradoodles.

Wavy fur type shed their furs less than the straight labradoodle fur type. Alongside the curly coat breed, the wavy fur breeds are a great choice.

3. Labradoodle Sizes

Labradoodles vary in sizes. Most people picture a tiny Labradoodle whenever they hear their names.

However, there are three main sizes of Labradoodles: Miniature, Medium, and standard. Hence, the size of the labradoodle comes in these types as well.

4. Different Breed from Golden Doodles

Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are half-breeds of poodles. Hence, they have similar attributes. However, they are not the same breed.

Both breeds are highly energetic and fun dogs. However, the huge difference in golden doodles is the long coat as compared to the labradoodle.

black labradoodle running a playing in the snow

5. Social and Energetic Dog Breed

Labradoodles are very energetic, smart, and social dogs. Their interactions with humans and other animals are best for social environments.

They also have great and soft coats that you will always want to hug.

The parent breed of the labradoodle is the smartest and love-sharing dog breed. Once the labradoodle is properly trained, they are your ultimate family dog breed choice.

6. Live Span

Labradoodles are one of the dogs with a long life span. Give or take, you get up to 14 years. They are generally happy and healthy dogs with fewer health issues.

black and brown labradoodle running on grass

7. Love for Exercise

Their breed type requires at least half an hour of exercise every day. This is due to the built-up energy in them.

They love to run around and play with any sociable partner around. Since they love to run around, they require some space to accommodate their exercise activity.

8. Training Requirements

Labradoodles require some level of training. Especially when they are transitioning from a puppy to a full-grown dog.

When they are in training, they exhibit some level of curiosity. They also learn quickly and notice command statements.

labradoodle standing after exercise

9. Regular Brushing and Grooming

Labradoodle dog breed requires regular attention. They are breeds of dogs that require a level of maintenance to continue looking cute.

Regularly, you will have to do some brushing and grooming job on your labradoodle.

10. They Are Not Watchdogs

The Labradoodle breed is a friendly, energetic, active participant of a family. However, they are not for protection.

This dog breed is your typical easy-going dog which is not bred for the aggressive job description.

labradoodle laying on a lake boardwalk

11. Therapeutic Occupation

Their companionship, loyal and loving personality trait makes them the ideal candidate as a therapy companion.

Especially for people with issues such as physical disabilities, depression, autism, and so on.

12. Treats!

While training Labradoodles, one of the ways you can get the job done faster is through treats. They are responsive to their treats while receiving their training.

labradoodle laying on a lake boardwalk

13. Low Shedding Feature

One of the most romanticized attributes of this dog breed is its low shedding characteristics. However, it does not guarantee that allergic people are completely safe.

14. Temperament

The long breeding period of over three-decade provides the most favorable temperament dog breeds in Labradoodles. This stability is due to its long breed line.

15. Perfect Family Dog

The brilliant inheritance of intelligence and high energy from the parents qualifies Labradoodles as the perfect family dog.

You can be certain of getting a sociable and stable dog in Labradoodles.

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