Parti Poodle: 10 Things You Should Know

by Vivvy A
Parti Poodle

Poodles are primarily found in single solid color with no patching. The Parti poodles, on the other hand, show a different variety of colors with the white base color.

The breeders and fanciers have set the standard of 50 % white base for a Parti poodle. The white base can have patches of red, apricot, black, or other colors. 

Parti poodles are not a new breed, and various paintings represent the poodles with a white base and patches of some other color.

The paintings from the 1800s show such dogs with the beauty of a poodle. The Rembrandt painted in 1631 is the oldest recorded version of a Parti poodle in history.

The culling of Parti poodles at an early age was a common practice before. Dog lovers and dog show enthusiasts look for solid colors and particular features, which decreased the demand for Parti poodles and decreased their number, but now, the same unique looks are making these dogs popular and famous.

The Science Behind Parti Poodle Color

MITF ( microphthalmia-associated transcription factor) genes are responsible for the coloring and patches in Parti poodles. The random pattern is so beautiful that people are falling for these beauties more than ever.

When trying to get a Parti poodle, you need both parents with the same MITF gene, and there is no guarantee that the litter will shower the cuteness overload in the form of Parti poodle puppies.

Parti Poodle.....

Characteristics and Temperament of Parti Poodles

Parti poodles are brilliant dogs, and they are loyal to their owners. You cannot question their sincerity with their owner, and they will prove it with their every move.

They are sensitive and emotional dogs and tend to get attached to their owners right away. They need care and attention daily; otherwise, they may start showing destructive behavior.

If you cannot provide one to two hours daily to your Parti poodle, then this dog may not be for you. Parti poodles need affection, care, and love from their owner daily.

People working for longer hours and going for weekend trips should probably avoid getting Parti poodles. As these dogs need affection and care, they can also get depressed and show anxiety if not given love and time.

Parti Poodles are very gentle and playful. You don’t have to worry about your pets, children, or other family members with these poodles. They get along well with proper training and socialization from their owners. They can be aggressive and start chewing if you don’t provide them with exercise opportunities and affectionate time.

Coat and Color of Parti Poodles

Parti Poodles have a single coat. The coat is thick, and you require regular brushing to keep the dead hair away. The dead hair will stick with the live hair, which can cause itching.

The poodle can bite or scratch their skin viciously, which can create infection or other skin-related problems. Weekly brushing and proper bathing can help prevent such issues.

When there is a single color, it is called a poodle, and the poodle with a white base and other patches is called a Parti poodle. You don’t have to remember various features and details to identify one. The MITF gene is responsible for coloring, and it creates different color patterns. These are the very thing that is making them the sought-after poodles.

You can check for the MITF gene in your Parti Poodle with a DNA test. This miraculous genes create three common categories:

  1. Tuxedo Parti Poodles: The Tuxedo Poodles have a dark pattern on their chest and neck. This dark color doesn’t need to be black. The dark patches will give off the look of a suit and a great-looking Parti poodle.

  1. Ticking Parti Poodles: Another beautiful fault created by the gene is the spotted pattern on the poodle’s body. When there are spots on the white base, the poodle is said to be a ticking one.

  1. Mismark Parti Poodles: When white becomes the secondary color, the other color takes the dominant white color. The different patches and spots of other colors give the Parti poodles a unique look and abstract-looking masterpieces.
Parti Poodle...

Parti Poodle Training and care

When you have a dog that loves to please you, training can become easier sometimes, and with the Parti poodle, the intelligence and smartness make training easier.

Training a Parti poodle requires positive reinforcement and some treats. Parti poodles can be great service dogs because they are very obedient.

This means they can be easily trained and enjoy following orders. They love their owners unconditionally, so they are happy making their owners happy. They learn quickly and train well with lots of treats and plenty of praise.

Parti poodle grooming is dependent on your choice of how you want your Parti poodle to look. If you want them to be show dogs, you need to provide them with the care accordingly.

On the other hand, if you want them to be sturdy and easy-going, you can have their hair short and go with the flow. Regular grooming trips with expensive bathing and fur products may cost you extra.

These dogs need regular exercise because of their high energy level. You need to spend time with them and go on long walks with exercises to keep them healthy and fit, and bathing them with shampoo and conditioner will make them look beautiful with a natural glow.

Parti Poodle Health Problems

Health conditions can affect a dog’s lifespan, and for the Parti poodle, four common diseases affect their lifespan.

Hip dysplasia

The most common disease in dogs and poodles is hip dysplasia, which inhibits the dog’s mobility and can cause arthritis. If you suspect that your dog is experiencing pain, speak with your veterinarian about medication and surgery to help relieve the pain.

Gastric Dilation Volvulus

With Gastric Dilation Volvulus, the stomach gets twisted and exerts pressure on the vital organs. The excessive pressure can cause bleeding and could be life-threatening. You need swift medication and support from your vet in such a situation to save the life of your dog.

Addison’s disease

Corticosteroid hormones are responsible for maintaining electrolytes levels and managing metabolism. With Addison’s disease, the adrenal gland stops secreting this hormone, and your Parti poodle could get into serious trouble. This can be treated with lifelong medication.


Hypothyroidism is another hormonal disorder with the stoppage on thyroid hormones. The symptoms are pretty vague and dispersed in nature. Your Vet can tell you about the presence of this disease and its medication after administering tests.

Parti Poodle Diet and Nutrition

Parti poodles’ high energy level needs a high-calorie diet but beware of extra fat, or your dog could gain weight and suffer from various problems. You should ask the breeder or go to a vet for vaccination, medication, and diet plan for your Parti poodle.

Dry kibble is considered the most beneficial and safe diet for these pets but taking the suggestion of an expert always pays off in various ways.

Pros and Cons of Parti Poodles


  • Intelligent and playful
  • Easy to train
  • Least amount of shedding
  • Friendly in nature
  • Get attach to the owner
  • Show unconditional love
  • Great with children
  • Safe for other pets
  • No excessive grooming required


  • They bark a lot
  • Become destructive when getting bored
  • Require daily exercise time
  • Need separate daily time of the owner
  • Can get depression or anxiety if they feel lonely
Parti Poodle..
“Tucker before his first cut.” by ultramega is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Price, Where to Adopt or Buy Parti Poodles

These are not random dogs that you can find in a shelter, rescue center,, Petfinder, Adoptapet. You need to spend some time finding a quality breeder with pedigree parents.

The testimonials of the breeder will help you know about the vaccination, environment, and conditions they are providing to the dogs. Always go for a quality breeder for healthy and safe puppies.

A Parti Poodle can usually cost $600 to $2000.

Are Parti Poodles Purebred

The purebred litter can have a Parti Poodle puppy. These dogs come from pedigree parents, but the color variation is because of a gene responsible for coloring.

The coloring was considered a defect, and because of the ban on entry of such dogs, breeders were not interested in them, but the overloaded cuteness and unique patterns have made the Parti Poodles gain popularity once again.

Parti Poodle Summary

Parti Poodles were not celebrated in the past, but their increasing demand has made them more popular among fanciers and breeders. There are different colors and variations in the pattern, but they all have white as the base color.

You need to spend a lot of time daily with them, or else they may get anxiety and depression. They will show you unconditional love and loyalty with unmatched color combinations and beauty.

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