Chiweenie Dog Breed Information: Price, Characteristics, and Care Tips

by Vivvy A
Brown Chiweenie looking into camera

If you’re interested in buying a Chiweenie and want to know everything about this compact, energetic, and loyal breed, you’re just at the right place!

Be it their unrivaled characteristics, training, care, or diet, we know you’re eager to read every detail before you go and get one.

Grab a cup of hot coffee and let’s read everything you ever wished to find out about this enthusiastic pup.

What Is A Chiweenie?

A cross of Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breed, Chiweenie has gained immense popularity for its unmatched characteristics in recent years. Undoubtedly, it’s the best small breed one can have as a pet pal. 

Since Chiweenie is a mix of two breeds, we’re unsure about its history. However, they’re widely believed to be originated in North American around 1990.

With short legs and long bodies resembling those of a dachshund and fully erect ears identical to Chihuahua, these striking features shape a cute dog, truly rare of its kind.

Chiweenie Characteristics

Chiweenies are small, playful, and loyal dogs. They’re great barkers. Yes, to put it frankly, you’ll find them barking on anything they find abnormal around them. If you’re looking for a small and energetic watchdog, you must come down in favor of this little cute pooch.

If you’re welcoming a Chiweenie home, keep in mind it doesn’t enjoy the company of other animals. So if you’ve got other animals too, better keep it as a single pet. Otherwise, get ready to suffer its sharp barks.

Two Brown Chiweenie playing with owner

Training And Care For Your Chiweenie

Just adopted one and thinking about its training? They’re smart yet stubborn. Sure they’ll obey your instructions and follow you wherever you go. But only if you stay gentle, kind, and consistent. Don’t go hard on them.

They’re too stubborn for that. This sweet dog might be a little stubborn in the beginning, but if trained with gentleness and patience, you’ll be amazed by the amount of love he’ll be showering on you. Consistency and positivity is the way to go.

When home, spend as much time with them as possible. They’re eager for your attention and affection. Just as we humans are.  Your ounce of attention will result in heaps of love in return.

When it comes to sleeping, they’ve got an adaptable nature. They find your lap an excellent place for a power nap. However, they’re comfortable sleeping in the backyard too. Isn’t it cute a Chiweenie dozing off on your lap?

Brown Chiweenie training and jumping for treat

Chiweenie Health Problems

If compared to other breeds, you’ll find Chiweenies relatively healthier. Considering that, they mostly go through minor health issues. Since it’s a mixture of two breeds, they inherit them from their parent breeds.

Below are some of the common health problems they face throughout their life.

  • Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the health issues among Chiweenies.  If your dog is experiencing increased thirst, loss of appetite, frequent urination, and weightlessness, you should consult a vet. Your vet can conclude the presence of diabetes in your dog by doing a simple test of the Chiweenie’s blood sugar level.

Some Chiweenies may also suffer from allergies.

  • Dental issues

Dental issues also arise in Chiweenies. Tooth loss is the most common among them. However, a daily brush and quality food largely prevent your dog from catching any dental disease.

  • Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a disease that affects the thyroid lungs of dogs and causes them to malfunction. Common symptoms include poor health, lack of physical activity, thin fur, dry scaly skin, and a weak immune system.  

This health problem is normally treated by providing hormone supplements.

Chiweenie Food And Diet

Same as other dogs, Chiweenies too require a proper diet to fulfill their energy demands. You might be confused about picking the right food for your dog. Especially when you’re having a dog for the first time.

Luckily, Chiweenies aren’t too choosy about food. Any high-quality dry food for dogs goes well for them. Do some market research and choose the best brand.

Black-Brown Chiweenie laying on owner bed

The food you pick should be fitting to your Chiweenie’s size, age, and activity level. Therefore, it’s best to know about these things in advance before you opt for a dog’s food. 

Besides, keep a check on their diet too. As these are highly energetic dogs, they may overfeed too. Which may result in obesity, further leading to health issues. To keep the right balance, it’s suggested to serve them only two meals a day (you can read about meal serving guidelines on the back of the kibble bag).

Chiweenie Temperament

When it comes to house-training a dog, Chiweenie tops the list. He’s stubborn and won’t simply let you be his master. The aggressive barking is yet another trait Chiweenie is gifted with. Considering the above facts, they’re one of the best dogs to be kept Watchdogs. If you’ve got a smaller family, don’t hesitate to bring this cute pooch in, he’s too good in a single-person household.

Chiweenies are adorable dogs and can be great family dogs if they are socialized when they are puppies as they usually tend to favor one person over others. Chiweenies may be suited for families if they are trained properly when they are young.

Height And Weight of Chiweenies

Knowing the height and weight in advance makes it further easy to recognize the gender of a Chiweenie. If you’re going to own a male Chiweenie, the height may range from 7-10 inches. A female Chiweenie is shorter than the male ranging from 6-9 inches.

Moreover, a male Chiweenie weighs from 12-25lbs, whereas a female Chiweenie weighs around 8-18 lbs.

Chiweenie Coat And Color

The coat of your Chiweenie depends upon the breed of its parent Dachshund and Chihuahua. Therefore, it may either come with a fluffy, long coat or a short and smooth one. It could also be a combination of both of its parent breeds.

Chiweenies are normally brown, black, and white in color. However, you will also come across mix-colored Chiweenies.  But generally, you’ll find them in solid and short coats.

How To Adopt or Buy A Chiweenie

Thinking to adopt a Chiweenie? Not a bad idea. If you want to adopt a Chiweenie, you can reach out to a nearby shelter or rescue organization for dogs or pets and see if you could adopt one. To adopt the dog that you like, you’ll have to apply. After passing the interview, you can adopt a cute little Chiweenie. However, you might be charged a small amount as an adaptation fee.

Moreover, there’re also plenty of places on the web where you can easily adopt or buy a Chiweenie online.

Chiweenie Summary

Chiweenies are among the cutest and loveliest dogs. And after reading everything in the above guide, you’ll know why. If you feel lonely, or want to bring some more fun into your life, it’s high time you adopt a Chiweenie. To be completely honest, you’ll feel so happy having a loyal buddy that follows you everywhere.

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