20 Types of Shepherd Dogs

by Vivvy A
German Shepherd Dogs

Shepherd dogs are great for herding and protecting their owners, and there are so many different types of shepherd dogs, which can make it hard to decide which one suits you.

We are listing 20 types of shepherd dogs to offer you as much diversity as you need. This article will help you better understand different shepherd dog breeds to help you choose the perfect companion for you.

The shepherd dog breeds come in different sizes and shapes. People have been using these intelligent dogs in courier work, tracing, and sniffing. Shepherd dogs have been a significant part of farms for herding.

People love to have these dogs as they please their masters, and for them, their family is the top priority. Shepherd dogs have different temperaments, sizes, and features, so choose according to your requirements.

German Shepherd Dog

This is the most heard name for the people who are into shepherd dogs breed. The German Shepherd dog is a large, intelligent, and athletic dog that is loved by people all over the globe.

Their love for work and perfection leads them to military breed status in World War II. And you cannot think of a courageous K9 unit without these German Shepherd dogs. They require regular exercise and activities to stay fit.

Belgian Shepherd Dog

The history of this breed dates back to the 1880s. It is a perfect dog for the Alps and the environment where dampness is more common. The medium-sized dog loves to stay vigilant and agile.

You can also find this brown and black two feet dog with police and law enforcement units. Belgian Shepherd dogs have natural protective instincts, and their possessiveness could create a scene if you have not trained and socialized them properly.

Australian Shepherd Dog

Australian shepherd dog or an Aussie is a medium structured shepherd breed. These are most common in American cowboys who preferred Australian cattle. 

This very phenomenon made these American dogs earn an Australian name. Herding is in their instincts, and they need huge space to stay agile and satiate their needs. An enclosed environment and less exercise will force them to chase cars and create some unwanted situations.

English Shepherd Dog

The history of this dog dates back to 55 BC. When Roman came to the British Isles, they used their dogs to gather the cattle in their dominion after winning the war. But their dogs were not adept, so they allowed interbreeding with native dogs, and the English Shepherd dog came into being. It is the perfect dog to handle and manage everything with a bossy attitude.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

These dogs hail from the Caucasian mountain in Russia. This muscular guard dog can be more persuasive with the children and can be the perfect family dog with the right training.

Caucasian Shepherd dogs don’t usually welcome strangers but love friends and family a lot. These dogs have great energy to work and perform, but you need to push them to their limits for this.

The Great Pyrenees

This massive breed originated in Great Pyrenees. These extra-large dogs earned the status of Royal Dogs of France in 1675. You need to make them sociable by providing them ample socialization opportunities.

These larger shepherd dogs have a sense of individuality, and for naïve dog trainers, they are difficult to handle. They are perfect guard dogs for families as their family is very important for these XL shepherds.

Belgian Malinois Dog

The police and military also love the German shepherd-looking Belgians. You can differentiate these Belgians from German shepherds by their paws, coat, and mask.

These dogs are 22 to 26 feet tall and are perfect companions for intelligent dog lovers. Be sure to socialize them with other pets; otherwise, your pets won’t remain safe around them. They need regular exercise to manage their high energy.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These small cute, and cuddly creatures are loved by the queen a lot. These dogs also come under the shepherd dog category. These smallest herding dogs are just one foot tall. But their adventurous and playful nature makes them the love of the people. When there are children around, you must stay vigilant as your corgi might chase and nip them.

Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog or Shelties are the most loved dogs by the children. This shepherd dog breed was originated between Scotland and Norway. These intelligent and eager-to-learn dogs love to follow commands. These dogs do great in agility training, and people love their almost perfect performance in competitive obedience.

Rough Collie

The great personality dog is famous because of a character in television in the 1950s with the name of Lassie. This dog breed is not as much a herding dog because of its docile and calm nature.

They might bark at strangers but will rarely attack. They need ample coat brushing and regular bathing. Children love them for their temperament and personality. They will adjust to any environment and setting without any hassle.

Australian Cattle Dog

This dog was bred in Australia, unlike the Australian shepherd. They are the perfect dogs for people who hate snorting, barking, or drooling. These decent and sophisticated dogs were bred for large lands and huge herds. You need to provide them with ample exercise and an open area. The docile and agile Australian Cattle dogs don’t go along well with other pets.

Border Collie

Undoubtedly the most intelligent herding dog breed is Border Collie. This dog has been herding sheep for centuries. These loving dogs do great with kids. And when it is about strangers, they can nip their heels like cattle. You need a huge area with great space for play and exercise if you want them as your family member.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

For most people, there is only one breed of corgis. But this Cardigan breed is different, and you can tell by their tails. These 2000 years old dogs have shepherding nature. They get along well with children. Their waterproof coat is not suitable for outside, and they are also prone to back injury and different diseases.

Old English Sheepdog

These shepherds dog with shaggy hair are also called Bobtail. And a layer of hair over their eyes makes them wonderful show dogs. Wealthy families love to have them because of their friendly and loving attitude.

You don’t need great exercise or a specific environment for Old English Sheepdogs. They can easily adjust to home and apartment life. They need grooming and brushing a bit more than you could than other shepherd dogs.

Spanish Water Dog

The Spanish Waterdog is a great working dog who loves to work along with humans. The farmers shear this dog as they do to their sheep regularly. This intelligent and eager to please dog loves its family and gets along well with children. It needs exercise and open ground activities.


This dog was bred 500 years ago as a hunting dog. Beauceron dogs can reach up to 27 inches with a great intimidating personality. These dogs are playful, lovely, and are great protectors if trained correctly.

You need early training to help them socialize and submit to their owners, otherwise, children and even owners might face difficulty handling this alpha.

Berger Picard

This is undoubtedly the oldest herding breed from France. The Berger Picard dog has an identity of its own and doesn’t appreciate harsh voices much. You need early training to keep this overstimulated dog in the right attitude.

This dog can easily get intimidating and dominant to the children. You need patience, regular exercise, and lots of love to make it a family companion.

Finnish Lapphund

These dogs were bred in Finland for herding reindeers. They are agile and fast sprinters. Their fluffy coat lets them enjoy the coldest temperature without any hassle. Finnish Lapphund dogs are not meant for warm climates.

If you are looking to have a Finnish Lapphund, you must understand that these are not guard dogs. But still, they can pound on strangers and could show destructive behavior when alone.

Bouvier des Flandres

You can translate the above-written words as cow herder from Flanders. These dogs are turbo-charged to do work. They can grow up to 24 t 27 inches, and their weight could reach 95 pounds. Bouvier der Flandres dogs need extensive exercise, or they could start running behind bikers and nipping joggers.


The last shepherd dog on our list of 20 shepherd dogs might look silly. But it is a serious call when it is around a flock. The Puli shepherd dogs are agile and light on their feet, earning a reputation as the ‘acrobat of the dog world.’

Their curly coat can protect them from extreme cold, but it has some hazards too. Never leave your Puli alone while swimming because the coat could get heavy and drown the tired dog. They also tend to become overheated by extra physical activities.

Shepherd Dogs Summary

All the shepherd dogs don’t come for shepherding only. The different breeds mentioned above hail from great canines who have shepherding abilities.

Nowadays, you can train these dogs to do different tasks according to their temperaments. Read about the breeds and match them with the requirements you have to get a perfect companion for a law enforcement unit, your home, or even a farm.

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