Did You Know This About The Different Sizes of Labradoodles

by Felesha Scott

Great things comes in small packages and sometimes big ones too. Labradoodle dogs are a hybrid dog breed. They have a purebred Labrador retriever as one parent and a purebred Poodle as the other parent.

Labradoodle sizes can vary largely even within the same litter. This variance depends on their parents and what breeding generation they are bred.

They are generally grouped into four categories:

  1. Petit/ Micro Labradoodles
  2. Miniature Labradoodles
  3. Medium Labradoodles
  4. Standard Labradoodles

Labradoodle sizes can also be determined by breeding programs. These breeding programs can determine whether a Labradoodle would be genetically more Poodle or more Labrador retriever.

Highlighted below, is an overview of what the breeding program looks like:

F1: The Labradoodle will have one purebred Poodle and one purebred Labrador retriever

F1b: The Labradoodle will have one purebred Poodle or purebred Labrador and one F1 Labradoodle parent

F2: The Labradoodle will have two F1 Labradoodle parents

F2b: The Labradoodle will have one F1 Labradoodle parent and one F1b Labradoodle parent

Petit Labradoodles

They are known to be very energetic, active and affectionate. With these traits, they are mostly used for therapy dogs. They are a very playful breed; they love to have fun with the family but are capable of keeping themselves occupied.

These dogs are not too aggressive, as they love to meet new people and relate well with other pets. They are also an extremely intelligent breed and this makes them super easy to train.

Their size ranges from about 10 to 13 inches in height, and 8 to 15 pounds in weight

Miniature Labradoodles

Also very playful, the miniature Labradoodles are slightly bigger than their petit sized brothers are. They are very social relating well with other pets and strangers.

They, however, require a lot of physical and mental stimulation as they have bouts of boredom and can get lonely if they do not get constant action.

Their size range can be from about 13 inches to 16 inches in height and 15 pounds to 25 pounds in weight

Medium Labradoodles

Like other Labradoodle sizes, they are friendly social and energetic and love to spend with their owners. Generally well behaved as indoor dogs, but can get very restless and unhappy if they don’t spend some time outdoors. They also require many physical activities

Their size a be anything between 17 inches to 20 inches in height and 30 pounds to 45 pounds in weight.

Standard Labradoodles

For dogs their size, these standard Labradoodles are known to be extremely good with children. They require even more outdoor time and physical activities than the medium-sized Labradoodles and are just as social, friendly, and intelligent as the other varieties.

If you as a new puppy owner s having issues determining which size category your Labradoodle falls into, your canine vet would be able to determine it and also help you determine what the right food are for the puppy and what portions the puppy gets.

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