6 Home Remedies For Ticks On Dogs

by Vivvy A
Cinnamon oil in a bottle beside cinnamon sticks

External parasites are a problem for you and your dog. There are several products available to eliminate them, but you can also choose to use home remedies if you detect any in your dog.

Because most home remedies are made from natural products, they are not toxic to your dog and are friendly to the environment.

Symptoms of Ticks on Dogs

Big Ticks on a dog

Before presenting you with the best natural remedies, you need to know the symptoms of ticks in dogs. Ticks live in damp and dark areas, and your day may come in contact with a nest without knowing. Ticks are small and can go unnoticed if your dog has long hair.

They usually cling to the skin, begin to feed on the dog’s blood, and reproduce quickly. Some of them can transmit dangerous diseases, but all tick infestations cause the following symptoms:

How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog

Closeup of human use hands to remove adult tick from a pug dog fur

There are different medications to eliminate ticks on your dogs, but it may be easier to use pipettes, necklaces, shampoos, and antiparasitic sprays.

Never ignore a tick infestation. If the problem spreads, it could kill your dog. Before you apply any treatment, try to remove as many of the ticks as you can, including the jaw, with tweezers and kill them.

It is best to use these natural remedies in conjunction with commercial products, always under your veterinarian’s supervision.

Home Remedies To Eliminate Ticks in Dogs


Cup of medicinal chamomile tea on a wooden

Chamomile is effective because of the smell it gives off. Prepare an infusion using two commercial bags of chamomile tea or a handful of dried natural leaves. When the water has an intense smell, wait for it to cool and bathe your dog with the infusion.

To make it more potent, you can add a slice of lemon to the water during preparation. In addition to preventing ticks from feeding off your dog, chamomile will soothe their irritated skin.


Bottle of vinegar with apples on a table

Vinegar has multiple uses at home. Among them is as a repellent against ticks. Depending on the size of your dog, mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water.

Then, rub the fur with a cloth, avoiding the dog’s eyes, ears, and nose. Your dog may show displeasure at first due to the smell, but it will pass after a while.


Eucalyptus oil in bottle with leaves on white background

A bath in eucalyptus infusion is as effective as chamomile. Prepare the water by infusing commercial tea or natural eucalyptus leaves. Let the solution cool, bathe your dog with it, or spread it on its fur with a soft cloth.

Neem oil

Siamese neem tree for neem oil

Neem oil is an effective repellent against ticks and fleas. For this reason, it will help you prevent them from harboring your dog. In a bowl of water, mix 5 drops of neem oil with 5 drops of citronella oil.

Then, use the mixture to spray your dog’s coat. The smell gets rid of the ticks, but it won’t be annoying for family members.


Sliced citrus fruits

Citrus fruits are among the natural remedies to remove ticks more effectively. Choose some slices of lemon or orange and place them in a bowl of water. Boil the solution for about an hour, then remove the slices of fruit, wait for the water to cool, and use a bottle to spray your dog with it.

Avoid sensitive areas, such as eyes, nose, and snout. Citrus fruits work well as a tick repellent; you can use this same remedy to spray your dog’s belongings and areas of the house where your dog may have been.

Essential oils

essential oils and medical flowers herbs in bottles

Essential oils also constitute an effective repellent against ticks. In a sprayer with two liters of water, place five drops of peppermint oil, cinnamon, lavender, and almonds. Shake it well and spray on your dog’s fur.

Preventative Measures That Can Stop The Ticks From Getting in Your House

Golden Retriever resting on her pillow after a lot of playing

In addition to applying natural repellents on your dog to fight against the ticks, it’s essential to use treatments throughout the house as well.

  • Vacuum all spaces in your home, emphasizing cleaning in corners, behind furniture, curtains, sofas, and cushions. Discard the garbage from the vacuum carefully, after you’re done.
  • Wash all of your textile garments, such as covers, pillows, and sheets, with hot water. For carpets, curtains, and beds, you can use a vaporizer.
  • Wash your pet’s bed and toys with hot water and lemon.
  • Use lemon, mint, and peppermint solutions, boiled with water, to clean floors, countertops, and spray windows.
  • Apply remedies made with water and essential oils on the rugs and carpets.
  • Maintain a strict cleaning of your home for a few weeks.

Doctor examining golden retriever dog for ticks in vet clinic

These home remedies are more powerful if you apply more than one of them at the same time. If you have a tick infestation out of your control, you should immediately call your veterinarian and a pest control professional.

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