11 Friendliest Cat Breeds

by Vivvy A
Birman cat eating treats

When you adopt a cat, most of the time, you don’t have any idea about the nature of the kitten that you are bringing home. The experts seem to believe that some are specifically more loving.

Unique appearances attract pet lovers so much that they have become very picky in selecting and breeding cats to satisfy their aesthetics.

There is a common inclination of pet lovers towards cats, and they have become friendlier and more affectionate with their owners.

Most cat owners want to live with a friendly cat breed, and felines are not typically taken as social butterflies.

However, cats are expressive creatures and form strong relationships with the members of their families. These friendly cat breeds come from an array of warm-hearted felines, and there is a cat out there for all of us.

Below are 11 of the friendliest cat breeds for cat owners.

1. Birman

Birman cat eating treats - Friendliest Cat Breeds

Birman is known as a gorgeous breed of cat. It is also known as the sacred cat of Burma. Birman is one of the most attractive cats with elegant blue eyes, a silky smooth coat, and beautiful glove-like paws. Being patient, Birman does not cause trouble.

These beauties are the best companions for us humans. These cats are incredibly loyal, loving, and sensitive.

So, whether you need a friend to chill out and sit quietly with or you feel like playing, Birman cats are always ready.

2. Sphynx

Sphynx cat standing on a wall - Friendliest Cat Breeds

The sphynx breed is a hairless feline that relies on pet parents to keep them warm at all times. This breed is loving in nature and particularly easy to live with.

Being extremely fun-loving and busy in diverse pursuits all around the home, Sphynx keeps you and your family entertained.

This hairless breed of cats may not be fuzzy; however, they have other desirable traits: They are smart, energetic, and playful, get along well with other animals, and love to curl up in warm places such as your lap.

This cat breed makes an excellent companion also; they require sweaters which means you can dress them up as you like.

These cats are cash their qualities very well and don’t feel reluctant to demand attention. Sphynx cats are mainly excellent therapy pets because of the friendly nature that they possess.

They also have a warm temperament and are always ready to meet new people.

3. Siamese

Siamese cat standing outside - Friendliest Cat Breeds

The Siamese is the ultimate royal felines of the cat world! Acquiring the royal status, they have enjoyed a lot for centuries, along with being the most extroverted of all cat breeds.

Siamese is famous for its friendly and open nature with attractive blue eyes, beautiful large ears, and smooth muscular body.

Along with being intelligent and smart, Siamese cats also have friendly extrovert nature. They love to be in the company of humans and as well as other cats.

They usually spend more time with their favorite person. These little furry babies are very noisy, smart, energetic, and attention seekers.

They always seek attention by producing loud, low-pitched voices, and because of this, they have got their nickname – Meezer.

4. Burmese

Burmese have been originated from Thailand. They are recognized for their unique lustrous coat with various colors such as champagne, sable, and platinum.

This breed loves to be a pet with tenderness and enjoys laying in warm laps.

These enormous cats are devoted and will always want human company. Burmese cats are lovely family pets and famous for being called the cat world’s dogs.

These friendly cats still are energetic and fun-loving, even in older years. They don’t like to be alone for a longer period.

5. Persian Cat

Persian cats are not typically very athletic or playful. They have a reputation for high maintenance but don’t let the fact that their coats require a lot of grooming put you off from this friendly breed.

The Persian breed is exceptionally breathtaking and has a beautiful coat of fur. It is famous around the world for having chubby cheeks, attractive eyes, and a loving personality.

They are also referred to as the “glamorous puss” in the whole cat family worldwide. Persians are loved because of their cuddling nature and calm behavior.

With their distinct features, this breed makes you happy with the lovely sound of meow. They are possessive and loves to be in the company of their favorite person.

6. Scottish Fold

Scottish Folds are exquisite cats that are lovely companions and possess the unique feature of forward-folded ears.

An autosomal incomplete dominant mutation causes them to have these folded ears. Whether their ears are folded or straight, these cats are known for their sweet temperaments.

These cats are famous for their strange sleeping positions. Scottish Folds are very social and friendly cats who never prefer being left all by themselves. Scottish Folds have a distinct feature of being less active and more intelligent.

They prefer to be with their favorite person and may even follow the games he is playing. They allegedly love human company and have no shame in showing it with a good old cuddle.

7. Tonkinese

Hybrid of the two breeds, Siamese and Burmese, Tonkinese are characterized by energetic and playful behavior and beautiful hair color.

Psychologically, these cats exhibit outgoing social behavior and don’t leave their favorite person alone.

This trait most likely matches with their ancestors. If you are a peace lover, you will face a hard time with them because they are very vocal.

Yet their voices are very sweet and lovely for a cat lover. This specific breed, like Burmese, possesses a dog-like character and can do fetching for you.

If you have ever wanted a cat, you can train to walk on a leash or do tricks; a Tonkinese is a good choice. This cat breed is the perfect pet for a family or anyone who wants a good feline friend.

8. Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a loyal, loving, big-hearted cat that is one of the oldest cat breeds thought to exist.

Not only are these real lookers with a striking appearance, but they also love and outgoing, as well. Abyssinians love to live an active lifestyle and enjoy human company throughout the entire day.

9. Ragdoll

The US is thought-out to be home to this breed. Their origin is supposed to be in California, where it is believed that they originated from a cat named Josephine, having beautiful long gray hair. It is not a fact that they are originated from Josephine as many other cats like Persian and Birman, and Siamese is also considered their ancestors.

The stylish and attractive Ragdoll is very easy to manage as it is not so difficult to understand. They are calm and harmless, and they love to cuddle with their favorite person.

One of the bad habits of Ragdoll is that they sometimes do silly things like trying to drink water from the tap. They show submissive behavior and prove themselves to be the best lap cat. They are the best choice for a family pet.

10. Ragamuffin

Ragamuffin is a modified version of the Ragdoll breed felines. In 1994, they were categorized as a distinct breed. Similar to the other breeds, they are recognized for their welcoming, warm and friendly behavior.

This breed is a gentle giant and thrives on fondness. The ragamuffin, well recognized for its big hearts, loves to please its pet parents. Many cat lovers enjoy the kitty’s compliant temperament.

This feline is the kind of cat that will be like your shadow everywhere you go. You will love its warm and sweet greetings at the door.

These cats are very friendly, outgoing, and more likely of an extrovert nature. They become friendly with humans as well as other dogs and cats.

These cats are very smart and persistent so that you can teach them whatever you like, and they will keep amusing you with their extraordinary abilities.

They don’t like anything or anyone between them and their favorite person. They don’t let their favorite watch TV or do other chores that take due attention.

11. Maine Coon

Main Coon cat laying on mat

The Maine Coon, being the athletic cat, is thought to be one of the biggest cats out of all the other breeds out there, with the scales tipping at almost 20 lbs.

The stout, playful cat is sophisticated, outgoing, and smart. Because of Maine Coon cats’ humble and gentle nature, they are named “the gentle giant.”

These overly sized felines are bona fide cuddle bugs. While males can tip the scales of weighing around 20 pounds, according to the Veterinary Centers of America, many pretend to be tiny lap kittens when that is not the case with this particular breed.

These gentle giants are unquestionably jumbo lap warmers with adorably quirky personalities and loads of charm.

Friendliest Cat Breeds Summary

All of the cats listed above are full of interesting characters and behaviors. Each of the cats competes with the other. In the end, it solely depends on your choice to pick the one best for you.

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