8 Really Fun Activities For Cats

by Vivvy A
three Bengal kittens playing in a wooden box

Cats have always been viewed as independent animals that do not usually maintain any emotional bond with humans and only eat and sleep. However, if you have a cat home, you probably have already realized that this is not the case.

Although cats are indeed more independent than other pets, such as dogs, it does not mean that they do not need us for their entertainment. Cats love to play; try to get your cat to play with an empty plastic bag or dangle a toy over his head and see how easily your cat becomes entertained.

Motley cat playing on green grass

Playing a game with your cat can provide numerous advantages for the animal and its owner.

The Importance of Playing With Your Cat

Playing with your cat can not only be fun and stimulating but also provide a great way for your cat to stay active and healthy. Usually, cats tend to be overweight, especially if they are sterilized. Maintaining an activity routine with them helps to keep them fit and improves their blood circulation.

Brown cat standing up under chair

Cats come from a family of felines (cats are felines), so they have a hunting instinct that keeps them engaged when they are playing and helps them to de-stress, become less aggressive and angry.

Finally, apart from being a way to entertain your cat, it can also allow you to have fun with your pet and spend some time strengthening the bond between you and your cat.

Orange and brown bengal kitten cat playing on a wool rug

Some owners avoid playing with their cats because they fear being bitten or scratched. To prevent this, you have to teach your cat that scratching won’t be tolerated from the first day.

Removing your hands and feet away from your cat and ignoring them when they do or making a sound of pain until the animal calms down. Once it has calmed down, then you can start playing again.

cat playing tucked inside a cardboard box

Veterinarians advise playing around 30 minutes with your cat, and there are several items at home that you can use as a game. Here are a few things that you can do at home to keep your cat active:

Games With Round Objects

Orange and brown bengal kitten cat playing with ball on a wool rug

Round objects such as paper balls or rubber balls can be excellent objects to keep your cats entertained at home. Anything that can be easily rolled for the cat to throw and chase can help activate its hunting instinct.

Games With Objects Hung By Threads

grey white cat playing with toy

Another way to keep your cat’s hunting instinct active is to use hanging objects that simulate a prey-like look for the animal. You can use any stick and a rope you find at home; you can create toys for your cat and hang from this a paper ball, an old sock, some small stuffed animal.

If you don’t find the necessary objects to create the toy, any piece of string will do. Moving it incessantly to get the cat’s attention at different speeds, you will have the ideal game to play with your cat for a while.


Young british shorthair black silver tabby cats in cardboard box on grass

A cardboard box can become a fun hiding place for your cat. You can expand the box’s function by making cuts simulating windows and doors where your cat can take out his legs to play with what is outside.

Cats love to hide to believe that nobody sees them and so they can jump over on their prey at the right time.

Mice Toys

cat playing with mice toys

Numerous animal stores sell them as specific toys for cats. Some also come with sound to attract the attention of the cat. You can also choose the option to create them at home by yourself – Your own DIY. To make it, take a piece of round cloth, fold it in half, fill its interior with cotton, and fix the ends.

Finally, sew a small piece of string at one end to simulate the mouse’s tail, and it’s done! – That is your personalized mice for your cat. You’re welcome!

Games With Circular Rings

Tabby siamese cat with green eyes in room with vintage wall paper

Cats are attracted to circular objects, those in which they can easily run, but which in turn can also be caught and bitten by their edges.

Games With Objects With Treats as an Incentive

Fluffy cat plays with a round purple and gold box

Another game for your cat may consist of storing an object inside a container where the cat can only access it with one of his legs. If the object you introduce inside the container is a treat for cats, it will encourage the cat to play more until he gets the treat.

Soap Bubbles

cat playing with soap bubbles

Making soap bubbles is also be an excellent way to have fun with your cats since anything that moves catches their attention.


Orange and brown bengal kitten cat looking at reflection in mirror

Place a mirror in front of your cat, and have fun watching the reaction of this for a while, although you should know that there are cats that are scared to be reflected. You might have on a scared kitten or a kitten that is totally amazed by its own reflection.

The downside to this is that the mirror may cause your cat to become anxious or aggressive.

Cats are fun and amazing to be around. If you are looking for something that adds some more excitement to playtime with your furry friends, I hope you find one of these useful.

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