Do Cats Fart Smell: The Cat Flatulence Guide

by Vivvy A
cat stretching on floor

Cats have amusing accolades under their paws, charming, loving, loyal, and sweet but do they fart?

Is cat flatulence much common, or it’s just a fallacy? And if so, is it smelly? Such are the questions that most vets undergo from various cat owners concerned about their cat’s wellbeing.

Like us human beings and other animals, a buildup of gas is a normal routine. And any excess gas that builds up inside the tummy has to find an outlet.

With that, is cat flatulence a thing to worry you? And when should you be concerned? Hold on to learn whether your sweet feline is capable of giving you something unpleasant on your nasal sensory organs.

Why Do Cats Fart? Is It Normal?

Cats indeed fart. However, as compared to dogs and humans, a cat’s fart is less noisy and infrequent. So, why does it happen?

cat stretching on floor

A host of issues can cause a build of gas in the digestive tract. And so, farting has to occur for any excess gas in the stomach to disappear through their behind.

So, if one of these days you feel a different odor or a toot while resting with your cat, and no one else is around, know your cat decided to reward you with this unpleasant gift.

Is it normal?

Farting is a normal physiological process that has to occur in the body. If the farting is not smelly or frequent, then it’s normal.

Reason Cats Fart: Causes of Cat Flatulence

Here are some of the reasons that will cause your cat to fart.

Eating Too Fast

Cats who eat hurriedly risk accumulating so much gas inside their tummies. It frequently occurs to cats who are greedy or love eating fast as they think the food will vanish.

Such cats, when eating quickly, consume much gas that it accumulates inside their tummies. With the accumulation of gas, farting has to happen.

Dairy Products

Dairy products? Yes, dairy products like milk and cheese will cause much accumulation of gas in the gut.

What happens is that most cats are lactose intolerant and cannot digest this lactose. Lactose accumulation will cause excess accumulation of gas that subjects your cat to lots of farting.


Like human beings, certain foods will cause your cat to fart. Cats have sensitive stomachs, and not just any food will work on their tummy.

For example, some cheaply made cat food contains fillers that subject your cat to lots of farting and stomach grumbling.

Also, fiber is a good supplement that helps your cat to have consistent bowels. However, too much fiber can cause an excess accumulation of gas.

Food that will cause your cat to fart.

  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Fermentable fiber
  • Beet bulb
  • Plant gums
  • Lots of fruits
  • Oats

Human Food

Giving your cat table scrapings will save you some cash, Right?  Stop it now, if you have been doing so! The reason being, cats often find it hard to digest human food, thus predisposing it to a host of stomach problems like farting.

Other digestive system problems that may occur are diarrhea and vomiting.

do cats fart - gray cat on couch

You Have Changed The Cat’s Diet

Cat flatulence can be a signal of gastrointestinal disturbance, especially after altering your cat’s routine diet. A sudden change of diet without a plan will not sit well with your cat.

For example, you may change from cat canned food to homemade food, and that may cause your cat to fart.

If you have to change your cat’s diet, do it with a plan. In that, the transition from your cat’s ordinary diet to a new diet bit by bit-until the cat is comfortable with this food.

Rotten Food

Perhaps your cat is having those occasional toots because it pulled something out of the trash bag. That piece of rotten meat could be why your cart is farting a lot.


Cats love grooming themselves when they are resting. And when grooming themselves, some of the furs bypass their mouths and go down their guts. Consequently, the fur accumulates and forms hairballs which can be a nuisance.

These hairballs will cause excess air accumulation resulting in a sequence of farting on your cat.

So watch out perhaps, your cat has been farting because of hairballs inside the tummy. Often the cats vomit these hairballs. However, if you note your cat having any trouble letting out the hairball, rush it to the vet.


Like us humans, parasites will affect your cat’s tummy. Lack of eliminating hookworms and tapeworms will often cause excess gas accumulation inside your cat’s gut.

Also, an excess of harmful bacteria in your cat’s stomach will lead to flatulence. These harmful bacteria multiply and cause excess production of gas.

Also, this imbalance of bacteria can occur after your cat has eaten the wrong type of food.

Intestinal Diseases

Farting can be a signal or a symptom of an underlying condition.

Health conditions that cause cat flatulence.

When should you be concerned?

Now that we have learned, why do cats fart? When should you be concerned?

Seeing these accompanying signals should warrant you to contact your vet as soon as possible.

white cat walking on grass

Diagnosis, Treating, and Prevention

If the farting becomes persistent, you should check up with your vet. Be ready to answer several questions about your cat’s usual routine.

Your vet will enquire whether you have changed your cat’s diet recently or its usual feeding frequency. If dieting is ruled out, the vet may recommend a stool analysis of your cat’s feces.

An analysis of the fecal matter will help unearth what’s ailing your cat’s tummy. The vet will check for any parasites and their larva. The vet will examine your cat’s fecal matter and confirm whether it is normal.

After that, the vet will be in a better position to make an informed judgment. If not so, your vet will try to check up on your cat’s abdomen and confirm if there is any gut obstruction.

Also, the vet will recommend an x-ray, blood test, or a biopsy to ascertain what’s ailing your cat.

Treating and Preventing

In the case of parasitic worms, the vet will recommend de-wormers for your cat. Some of these de-wormers are available over the counter.

However, through fecal testing, you will be in a better position to know which organelle is specifically causing trouble on your cat’s tummy. And with that, you can get a tailored de-wormer specific for that organelle.

It is always best to follow up with your vet as your vet may recommend a complete overhaul of your cat’s routine diet and other tips.

How to Prevent Your Cat From Farting

Even though you cannot completely stop your cats from farting, you can minimize it through a host of methodologies. Here they are;

Fast Eaters

get a slow feeder for your cat- there are various slow feeders sold online that will help your cat eat slowly. Also, instead of feeding your cat all at once, let it eat in frequencies per day.

Human Food

A cat should not eat human food as its tummy is not programmed to digest such food. Keep away that tasty pizza from your cat as it contains lots of spices harmful to your cat’s stomach.

Deworm Your Cat

Deworming your cat regular is necessary. Consult your vet on how often you should deworm your cat.


Giving your cat a course of probiotics will be essential. Probiotics will help create a healthy gut, free of “bad guys” who bring tummy issues like farting.

Groom Your Cat Frequently

Remember, as we said, hairballs will cause your cat to become gassy. However, you can reduce the accumulation of fur balls by grooming your cat frequently.

Reduce Dairy Products

Adverts about how cats benefit from dairy products are deceiving. Dairy products don’t offer much nutritional value to your cat. 

With that, avoid dairy products like cheese, ghee, or milk, even though your cat will keep begging for some.

Cat Proof Your Trash Bag

Don’t let your cat eat from the trash bag. It’s unhygienic and will cause your cat to have flatulence. And such flatulence can be worrisome to any cat owner.

Avoid such worries and instances of your cat farting by completely sealing the trash bag.

gray-black-white cat laying on grass

Do Cats Fart Smell

Yes, like humans and dogs, a cat’s fart can smell. This smell can be unpleasant enough to coil your nostril’s hairs.

However, if the cat farts frequently and it’s smelly, contact your vet. A foul smell can be indicative of an issue known as Tritrichomoniasis.

Does a Cat Fart Make Sound

Your cat will produce a silent but smelly fart- but it probably won’t be loud.

Do Carts Fart Because They Are Scared

Sudden scares or surprises can make your cat fart. They may release a silent fart when they are frightened, either by you or another cat.

Cat Farting Summary

Even with their meek and humble nature, cats often fart. However, it’s not frequent. Also, various factors cause your cat to fart a lot.

So next time, don’t blame your dog when a whiff of unpleasant air sails across your nostrils- first check if your cat is nearby.

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