10 Ways To Remove Pet Dander in Your House

by Vivvy A
Cat and dog laying on the sofa

Owning a pet comes with some share of dry skin that your cats, dogs, rodents, birds, and other animals with fur or feathers may shed; Pet dander. That’s why we are providing some tips that you can use to remove dander in your house.

You may react differently to your cats’ or dogs’ dander based on the level of allergy that you have. Interestingly, these allergies are a direct result of allergens that might be clinging to your dogs’ and cats’ coats.

Adorable labrador puppy sleeping on the sofa

It may even take some six or more months after a pet leaves your house for your home to be dander-free.

Pet dander comes with some peculiar features that may include dirt, dead skin, foul smell, saliva, and urine, and with some best practices, you can prevent the accumulation of it from building up in your home.

1. Cleaning Pet Accessories

Pets like cats and dogs, among others, are friendlier with a particular set of toys over others. Also, the leash that you use to walk your pets is one of the more overlooked pet accessories you need to consider.

You should clean out water remnants and pet dishes regularly. Develop the habit of periodically throwing your pet toys, walking leash, and other associated accessories into the washing machine to get them clean.

Proper and regular cleaning of these accessories is very crucial in reducing and removing your pet dander.

2. Baking Soda

baking soda on a wooden spoon

Baking soda is one of the most effective neutralizers, so make sure you own one. It is excellent for removing pet odors. It is useful for soaking in all the foul and pungent smells left behind by your cat or dog. With a sprinkle of baking soda in the pungent smell area, baking soda absorbs the odors.

This is a great combatant against a cat or a dog’s urine. Just make sure to vacuum and clean the area you applied the baking soda after a couple of minutes.

3. Pet Maintenance Activities

Dander free pet practices

Your pet needs some personal maintenance to remain fresh, smelling great, and looking presentable. Give your pet regular baths if needed, and brush your pet’s fur to keep it from being all over your house. These maintenance activities also improve your bond with your pet.

Different pets have different maintenance needs. For some pets, it is advisable to brush them at least once a day, while others may be weekly. All of these depend on the length of your pet’s fur.

4. Air Filter Change

Man cleaning dander off air conditioning unit filter

Regularly changing your air filter is essential in keeping pet dander out of your home. It is also an effective way of dealing with the pet smell. For allergic pet owners and pet owners with friends who also have allergies, maintaining a clean air filter will provide relief for you in several ways.

5. Cleaning Out Of Dander Traps

Close-up vacuuming of carpet to remove pet hair and dander

Restricting your pet to some section of your house will make it more efficient for you to clean out and control the dander. You can use techniques like vacuuming surfaces that are soft; these surfaces may include drapes, sofas, and carpets to eliminate the dander from your pet as quickly as possible.

Also, consider replacing carpets with hardwood floors if you feel your efforts are not showing any signs of progress.

6. Uncluttering Your Space

declutter reminder handwriting on a sticky note

Pet dander is sticky naturally. They have the annoying characteristic of sticking to any surface that they can find. By uncluttering certain parts of your house, you reduce the areas on which the dogs’ dander can stick.

7. Replacement of Some Home Features

Dander free hardwood floor

To remove the amount of dander from your house, you should consider swapping your carpet with hardwood, maybe try to remove hold carpeting, and use the existing hardwood floor. You can also swap out your curtains for non-fabric window replacements.

8. Special Car Seat Covers

Brown leather car seat without pet hair or dander

If you drive around with your pets, use special car seat covers to avoid pet dander. This will help you to avoid getting dander in your car space.

9. General Washing Activities

Woman washing hands in the kitchen sink

Whenever anyone of your family members handles your dog or cat, ensure that they wash their hands afterward. This will help avoid bringing the pet dander into a restricted pet area like your bedroom.

 10. Regular Intake of Essential Fatty Acid

Vitamin capsules fish oil in a person hand

Speak with your dogs’ vet and have prescribed some fatty acid supplements, which may help reduce your pets’ shedding activities.

Fish oil is great for your dog’s health and coat. The reduction of allergens through minimizing your pet dander is beneficial for you and your guest.

All the same, allergy reaction, foul smell, and the love you have for your pets are more reasons why you should ensure that you are doing everything that you can to provide a safe environment for you and your puppies or kitties.

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