Cats and Babies: Tips To Help Them Coexist

by Vivvy A
Little newborn yawning baby in pajamas lying on back with cat in background

Welcoming a new member into the family is always a significant change, and there are many factors to keep in mind. For example, you might be wondering if your cat poses any danger to your baby as well as ensuring that your home is well secured and pet-proof.

Having a pet is a lot like having a child, and your pets rely on you for nurture and care just as much as children do.

Child playing with small cat

Living With Cats or Dogs

A child can coexist just as well with a cat as they would with a dog. If you’re feeling tension and stress because you’re wondering if your cat will get along with your child, we hope that you find some useful tips from this article. Try to introduce your child slowly to your cat without forcing anything. It’s ok even if the cat walks away at first.

little girl hugging the cat lying on a bed

There is no need to take any drastic action since the coexistence between your cat and baby is possible and recommended, especially for their long-term relationship.

Of course, having a great transition will depend a lot on the character of your cat. Some cats are friendlier by nature, end up taking care of the baby as if it were their own. Other cats may be fearful, jealous and prefer to stay away from your baby until they are more comfortable being around your child.

Risks With Cats and Babies

cute little baby cat pet kitten laying on bed turquoise blanket

There are many safety concerns that you must be aware of to protect your child from being harmed by your cat, such as;

  • Your cat scratching and biting your child
  • Cat’s jealousy issues
  • Suffocation or smothering
  • Your child ingesting cat hair
  • Feline intestinal illnesses – Cats sometimes vomits and accidentally poop outside their litter box and you do not want to have a situation where yor baby ingest anything due to being unsupervised.

All of these can be avoided with proactive care and supervision. You should never allow your pet around your baby unsupervised.

A well-trained and loving cat will not want to scratch your baby, nor will they want to harm your child. They may want to smell them and become very curious because they are curious by nature.

Will Your Cat Act Territorial

Some cats can be jealous and territorial, but this may happen if they already had a previous behavioral problem that makes them react in this way. It is something that you will already know in advance.

Cute cat sleeping on owners lap

People say that cats are unpredictable, but that is not so true; It is not as difficult to understand when a cat is angry if you pay close attention to your cat.

Cats and Babies Summary

Taking care of a baby and a pet at the same time can take significant effort, but it can also end up being very rewarding. You get to see incredible bonds forged between your pet and your child. How they grow together and end up loving and valuing each other.

Cute kitten in orange color playing in the backyard

You should always do your due diligence and visit a Veterinarian to ensure that your cat is healthy, disease-free, and has received all required vaccinations before you bring a cat into your home.

No matter how amazing your cat and baby’s relationship is, you should never leave them unsupervised.

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