Morkie: Dog Breed Information

by Vivvy A
Morkie dog with yellow background

If you’re looking for an adorable, sweet, and small dog, you need to consider the Morkie. Morkies are a cross of purebred Maltese and Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier dog). This little dog is intelligent, playful, friendly, and curious. Moreover, if you’re looking for a companion, you’ll find one in Morkie.

Not all dog breeds are right for all families, but Morkies are great for all family types. In this article, you’ll find out everything you need to know about Morkie.

Morkie Breed Information

Before buying a Morkie dog, try to understand its origin. The Morkie is a mixed breed dog that came into existence due to cross-breeding between Maltese and Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie. Morkies originated from the United States. These small dogs are only 6-8 inches tall. Moreover, they only weigh around 6-8 pounds.

Morkie Characteristics

Some characteristics of Morkie are given below:

Morkies Have Long Life-spans

Morkie dogs approximately live 10-13 years. It means if you buy one, you have to show commitment for a long time. If you can’t give them affection and love, then don’t adopt or bring them home.

Morkie Dogs Are Small

Morkie is a small dog breed and only weighs about 8 pounds. It means by bringing Morkie home, you’ll have a little puppy to play with. If not fed an appropriate diet, they may grow a bit larger.

They Can Easily Get Hurt

These are small dogs, so there is a strong possibility that other animals and kids might hurt them. They’re kid-friendly, but if the kids are too small, they might treat them roughly and end up hurting them. Ensure that you’re constantly present there when kids are playing with Morkie.

They Bark A lot

Most small dogs are a bit yappy, so Morkie isn’t an exception. Morkie likes its noise; therefore, barks a lot. If your kids love to sleep early, then don’t buy this breed. They bark at every person who walks down your street and every car that drives by. Sometimes, they bark nonstop and get difficult to control.

Morkie Dogs Are Animal-friendly

If you already have pets at home, you can bring Morkie home because they love to play with animals. A Morkie can coexist quite well with other cats and dogs. You have to introduce your Morkie to other pets, and it will make them friends in no time. Moreover, these dogs love to play. So, you can leave it with other pets and get relaxed.

Morkie Training and Care

Morkie has a super-soft coat that grows quite long. They require regular brushing. So brush the coats at least once a week so that it doesn’t tangle. Some Morkies might require frequent brushing. Wash their coat with high-quality shampoo at least once a month. Their care needs are not very demanding.

Moreover, Morkies are intelligent and playful dogs. Therefore, they’re easy to train. You can easily teach them new tricks and commands. They might surprise you because they love to do things in their way. Make good use of treats because the treats will help, and they will listen to you.

These dogs don’t require much exercise because they don’t like long walks. They love short walks, and a quick five-minute walk is what your Morkie needs. Longer walks can make them tired.

Morkie Health Issues

Morkies are small breed dogs, so they face some health issues as well. Mostly the health problems are associated with the breed, so the same is the case with Morkies. Morkies are known as healthy dogs, but still, they can face some health issues. They can suffer from low blood sugar. Some other health issues can be:

If you want to keep them healthy, take them to your vet for scheduled appointments. Ensure that you pay attention to their health so that you can fix it quickly if any problem arises.

Morkie Diet and Nutrition

As you know, Morkies are small dogs but let me clear your confusion about their eating habits. They love to eat, and you have to pay attention to their diet. They require extra attention when they’re puppies. Moreover, ensure that they don’t eat any toxic food like onions and chocolate.

They have a small stomach, so only a small quantity of these toxic foods can be toxic for your puppy. Never leave the treat bag near your dog because it can make it empty in no time. They can easily gain weight, so ensure that you’re serving them a low-carb diet.

If you want to fulfill their nutritional needs, serve them with homemade food and fortified packed treats. Don’t change their diet plan too often because it can cause vomit and diarrhea.

Where To Buy or Adopt Morkie

If you have decided to buy a Morkie, you can find reputable breeders that offer Morkies for sale. Moreover, you can adopt a Morkie dog from a shelter, or

Most people may face an issue while buying a Morkie because it’s not yet recognized as an official breed. So, you’ll find registered breeders. Whatever breeder you choose, ensure that they have raised these pups. Moreover, ensure that you get a healthy pet and don’t get scammed by puppy mill operators.

Morkie Summary

Almost everybody wants to bring an affectionate, loving, and small dog home, so Morkie is a dog breed with all these features. They don’t require much care. Their nutritional diets are not too demanding.

They are easy to train; they live longer than other dog breeds. The only problem that most people face is it is difficult to find a reputable Morkie breeder. Otherwise, it would be a wise decision to get one home.

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