10 Amazing Ways To Make Your Labradoodle Tired

by Vivvy A
white labradoodle puppy

If you’re a dog owner, especially a puppy owner, you’re probably desperately searching for ways to get your furry friend to exercise and settle down.

Whether it be them acting like a child would in their “terrible twos” or just acting out from boredom, finding methods to get rid of your dog’s excess energy is a must. 

As much as we love the energy and life a puppy brings to our lives, sometimes we just want them to be our cuddly companions or well-behaved pets when spending time outside of the house.

A restless dog can be a dangerous dog to the furniture or anything out and lying around. 

We’ve all seen the movies where when the owners away, the dogs will play with whatever they can find whether it be tearing up the pillows, digging into that bag of unopened flour, or barking nonstop at the neighbors. 

Labradoodles are full of energy and spunk, but sometimes we just can’t find the time to devote as much puppy playtime as they want.

Doing certain activities is enough to get your Doodle tired, so that it’s finally your turn to finally get that nap.

10 Activities to try with your Labradoodle dog to get them tired

1. Puzzle Toys

Many dog owners believe that to tired out their beloved pets, they themselves have to be worn out too.

Fortunately, one of the best ways to get your Labradoodle tired is by giving them a mental workout instead of a physical one.

Puzzle toys are a great way to focus your Labradoodles mind on chewing on something other than that couch leg. 

Puzzle toys are essentially the mindful way of eating for dogs. Labradoodles are smart breeds and will definitely see this type of toy as a challenge with a tasty reward at the end. 

2. Kong Toys

While Kong Toys fall under the broad category of puzzle toys, the versatility of Kong Toys is endless. Puzzle toys mainly focus on using loose food that gradually falls out as the main reward. 

However, Kong Toys can be filled with foods that offer a little more of a challenge to this food finding game.

Your Labradoodle will love spending hour after hour trying to lick every last scrap out of the Kong. Many dog owners love the peanut butter filled Kong’s, although there is a dog version of cheese whiz. 

3. Obedience Training

If you’re still looking for that mentally stimulating type of work but also want to get a little something extra out of it, try obedience training.

Not only will this focus your Labradoodle’s attention to learning a new trick or command, but with a little bit of time and effort, you can reap the benefits of training your Doodle to go fetch you a sandwich from the kitchen… or maybe stick to lying down instead.

4. The Stairmasters Version of Fetch 

If you’re pressed for space but still want your Labradoodle to get a good workout in, try the all natural stairmaster workout.

Playing fetch with your puppy is great outside, but on rainy days or if you have an event to attend, the stair routine is the way to go. 

While the stairs are a surprisingly useful tool in this physically exerting activity, it is good to keep in mind of your puppies physical capabilities.

Depending on the slipperiness or steepness of the stairs, you should have confidence that they can do this game safely and avoid injury. 

Simply throw their favorite ball either up or down the stairs. One with a pleasant jingling sound can definitely motivate them to keep up the chase, all while quickly getting that extra energy out. 

5. Tug of War

Tug of War is your classic dog game that involves the battle of the wills between owner and puppy. This game is a fun way to get down on your Labradoodles level, with hands and knees with your dog.

Take caution in your young Doodles mouth when playing this game and pay attention to any extremely rough pulling and shaking.

If things are getting too rough or hard on their teeth, relax on your end of the toy and give them less resistance. Add in some growling noises or a gentle shaking to maintain interest and competition. 

6. Socializing

Socializing your Labradoodle is definitely a win win for both you and your older puppy. While they get to experience interactions with other dogs, you can even find yourself striking up friendships with other dog owners.

Socializing your Labradoodle is great as they will get the dog to dog contact. The excitement and being able to run around at dog parks or playgrounds are an excellent way for fresh air too and much needed exercise. 

7. Short walks

Short walks or long, any type of outdoor activity is great for tiring out your Labradoodle. They love to go around the area sniffing and barking at all the new things around them.

If you’re looking into spreading out your Doodle’s physical activity throughout the day, short intervals of 5-10 minutes of walking can get any of that immediate energy without being too taxing on both pet and owner. 

8. Swimming

Labradoodles being a cross between a Labrador retriever and poodle, are very open to the idea of water and swimming. Their enthusiasm for everything can make them want to dive headfirst into the water. 

Depending on age and experience with water can swimming be an energy exterminator. Always make sure you know your Labradoodles comfort levels around water and let them have fun with it at their own pace. 

9. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a game for all ages and breeds. Your Labradoodle will love a good game of hide and seek when it comes to sniffing out your not-so-secret hiding place.

Start out with having someone else holding them while you go and hide. Give them a small signal to encourage them to go seeking. 

As your puppy gains more practice with finding, owners can get pretty intense with their choice in hiding spots from their Labradoodles. 

10. Agility Course 

This final activity is more inventive on the owners part as their job is to create an agility course that can test your Labradoodle physically and mentally.

For someone who lives in a smaller area, agility courses can be fun while watching your puppy scramble through chairs or around tables.

Sometimes pillows add a fun challenge with a squishy rolling surface that helps your dog to focus on balance and agility.

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