Miniature Husky: Everything You Need To Know

by Felesha Scott

Mini Huskies are family-oriented dogs that are well known for their loyalty and fun-oriented nature. Miniature Huskies are similar to the large Siberian husky breed and have identical traits except that they are smaller. Mini huskies are perfect dogs for those who would like to have a fun-loving dog breed but cannot cope with a larger dog breed.

Miniature Huskies make an ideal companion because they have a protective nature for the people they love; they like to have the owner’s attention and loves cuddling. As the name suggests, miniature huskies are small-sized, weighing just 15 to 35 pounds and 13 to 17 inches tall.

Gray-white-black miniature husky walking outside

In the 1990s Normandin developed this breed to create a tiny version of the Siberian husky. Huskies are loyal dogs and are highly active. Here you will learn all the required information about the miniature husky.

Information About The breed

Miniature Huskies are similar to the Siberian ones except for their size. They have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. They weigh between 15 to 35 pounds, and they cost around 1500 to 2500 US dollars.

They show high activity levels and love to roam outdoors. This dog breed is perfect for you as it quickly gets along with family members.

Miniature Huskies are known as working dogs because they can carry small, light loads on their backs and remain quick on their feet. They have fluffy soft fur, ice-blue eyes, and adorable curly tails. Because of their social nature, most families tend to adopt this dog breed.

History Of The Breed

As from their names, Siberian huskies originated from Siberia. Thousands of years ago, they were bred by the nomadic Chukchi tribe. This tribe used to carry sleds and transported them across the snowy terrain. So they bred huskies to carry these sleds in those frozen areas.

During the hard days of cold, this breed also served as a sweet and friendly companion. They snuggled with their owners and provided comfort to their children.

This breed was introduced in Alaska in 1908 and was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1930, with the development of their breed club in 1938.

Miniature Development

From the Siberian Husky, this breed was only developed recently in 1990 by Normandin.  Other breeders also started breeding it through the 2000s. Now you can quickly get Mini huskies from many places. Mini huskies are an excellent replacement for those people lacking large space in their homes.


Mini huskies are loyal and loving dogs similar to the Siberian ancestors. As soon as you bring them home, they will become comfortable and feel like a family member at your place. The puppy quickly learns to consider children as part of their pack, so this is the best dog breed for children.

Unlike other small dogs that adapt to indoor settings, this breed loves outdoor roaming. Due to its high energy levels, you must provide it with a safe place to wander out.

Gray white miniature puppy playing outside

If you are a couch potato, then it is not the right breed for you. If neglected, huskies spend most of their time on their feet and can turn out to be destructive. Despite not being lap dogs, they are still more loving than other working dogs.

These working miniature huskies can help you in different house chores, and with a bit of training, they can help pull small-sized carts and a lightweight stick bundle.

Physical Appearance

Mini huskies are a small package of Siberian husky. They grow just 17 inches tall. Their icy blue eyes are their defining feature. While sometimes, they have hazel brown or amber-colored eyes.

Their muzzle is broad, and ears are erect, while their nose is brown or black; in young puppies, ears are rounded at first that becomes erect with the growing age. The pups have fluffy sickle tails.


Females are 13 to 16 inches tall, while males have a height of 14-17 inches. Males weigh 25 to 35 pounds, and females weigh 20 to 30 pounds.


They have a double coat, which is fluffy and has a medium length. This coat protects them from cold weather. The most famous fur colors are salt and pepper and white and black. Sometimes they also have sable or silver colors. They are heavy shedders, so you have to brush them two times per week.

Training And Care

Despite being a friendly dog breed as a beginner, you still need to care for this breed. You have to be active to maintain the excellent health of your buddy. As this dog has high energy levels, you have to leave your couch and take him to play or exercise because their exercise needs are high.


Mini huskies need at least 90 minutes of exercise daily. You decide to split the activity times into two parts or do it all at once. It would be easy for you to take your pup to exercise while you go cycling or running.

Gray white miniature husky with his tongue out

You can also tie your puppy to the cycle, and the pup will run along with you during cycling. But remember, they can escape easily, so you need to be careful and put this dog on a leash while in the playground.

In addition to exercise, they also need a plentiful of playtime. You can play catching games, jumping, running, and mind stimulating games with him. Moving toys can serve all fun to your dog. As their favorite activity is playing in the snow, so winters are all fun for them.


Mini huskies are heavy shedders, and they do shed to maintain the seasonal coat. Use such brushes and combs for your pup that can reach both layers of the skin. Brush the coat twice weekly.

During fall and spring, you need to do daily brushing. Check the dog’s nails every two weeks. Proper trimming of nails is necessary if they start curling over. The nails can likely wear down during playing and running. Ensure to keep the ears dry and clean to avoid infections.

Training A Mini Husky

It is quite a challenge to train this dog. Often when they are not in the mood and try to force them to the training, they will become very vocal and loud.

So you have to add some tricks to train this dog and include different games in courses that are all fun for the dog to make him willing for the training.

The natural agility of your dog can be used as an incentive during the training. Award the dog with his favorite toys and treats, then he obeys. Be firm while you are training your dog but do not become stern.

Owner playing with brown white miniature husky

Praise your dog, then he shows good behavior, and do not punish them for misbehaving as this dog breed is very social, so the most common cause of their bad behavior is poor socialization.

You can leave your dog in a day-care center or a puppy kindergarten where he can make new friends and practice the best of manners. Four miniature Huskies it is necessary to keep them busy all the time.

You can train them by keeping them busy in some light work all the time around the house.

Health Problems

Overall this dog breed is very healthy; the only matter of concern is their blue eyes, which sometimes go into health issues. The most typical eye issue in this breed is the cataract. This happens mostly when the dog is still not five years old and can turn into blindness if not timely treated. So, ensure a regular check on their eyes.

If you see any cloudiness in his eyes, immediately consult a vet. A more severe disorder, PRA, is known as progressive retinal atrophy. In this condition, degeneration of the retina occurs, which eventually turns into a blind dog.

A milky haze in the dog’s eye will also be an indicator of something abnormal. But mostly, the condition is asymptomatic until vision impairment happens. The bad thing about this is that there is no cure for the condition.

Diet And Nutrition

A diet typically given to other small dogs can’t be enough for husky because they have high activity levels; this means they should be given a little less food than the full-size dog breeds. It is best to feed them with a kibble diet of high quality. Two cups of the kibble diet per day are enough; one in the morning and one at dinner.

Brown white puppy walking outside on trail

High carbohydrate content can be offered to high-energy dogs. But make sure you use carbs from natural sources such as oats and vegetables. Another ingredient for a healthy diet is the inclusion of proteins.

To make the diet nutritious, only use proteins from the meat sources and avoid fillers and by-products. Offer 1000 calories per day.

Where People Can Buy or Adopt them

If you are looking to get a Husky, you can visit our website, like You need to fill a form where you enter your required breed Postal code of your city and a little more details, and they will search for you the nearest available Husky to get. You can also adopt this bed from any shelter in the nearby places in your area.

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