The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Labradoodle

by Felesha Scott

If you’re looking for a fun companion, preferably an adorable furry one, the Labradoodle can be the perfect match for you. Labradoodles are the perfect combination of laughter and love with a mix of the Labrador Retriever and the Poodle.

If You plan to get one of these dogs you’re going to want to know the cost for one of them.

The History of a Labradoodle

With any dog, characteristics such as their personality aren’t likely to remain constant but many crossbred animals are mixed, hoping to bring the best features of the two together into a loving bundle of joy.

Labradoodles have an unknown history, beginning in the continent of Australia where the idea to breed the two came from an Australian breeder by the name of Wally Conron who had received a request for a guide dog who would have the qualities of kindness, intelligence, and the benefit of having a hypoallergenic coat.

Various elements of the two breeds have shown such as the hairy ears of a Labrador Retriever and the curly-haired furs of the poodle. Labradoodles interestingly enough have two different coat types of fur: some feature a fleece coat whereas others resemble more of a woolier type.

The combined intelligence of both breeds has made most Labradoodle puppies eager to please their owners, have a friendly demeanor to dogs and people, as well as have high energy levels making for a great family dog.

The Business Side to Buying a Labradoodle

What is the price of buying a Labradoodle puppy?

One of the first things to know before getting a dog is the price and if they’re within your budget. Most purebred dogs were the more valued breeds but now some of the crossbred dogs are the most expensive types.

Highly valued mixed dog breeds come at a hefty price due to their popularity and demand. The quality of the breeder in which you’re buying your puppy from and of course the genetics of the two parents will play a role in the final decision of the price.

One can expect to purchase a highly prized Labradoodle puppy to go between $1000-$3000. The average Labradoodle puppy has gone for around $1200 according to Trending Breeds.

While this seems like a hefty price tag for a dog, the cheaper puppies being sold on social media platforms or in classified ads are coming from puppy mills trying to churn out and over breed these beloved animals.

These lower-priced puppies may sound appealing, selling for almost half the price, but the speed at which they have been bred, not to mention the low-quality living conditions, lead to issues later in life from possible genetic mutations or defects from being bred too quickly.

While these Labradoodles are deserving of all the love in the world, the situations in which they were placed at a young age have affected their chance at survival and being able to breed their own puppies in the future.

The Importance of Proper Breeding

With all dogs, a breeder makes a difference in the quality of dogs as they grow older down the road.

These people are your dog’s other mother: the ones who have raised and taken care of them for the first 8-10 weeks in their years of living.

A good breeder will do the following things to help their Labradoodle puppies have the best chance at success:

● Allowing puppies to nurse from their mothers for as long as they need

● Feeding their puppies good brands of dog food

● Giving them ample space to play, sleep, run around, and everything in between

● Cleaning and grooming their dogs and especially the puppies

● Receiving immunizations and proper vaccinations in a timely manner

● Socialization and playtime with other animals or human interactions

● Having good exposure to various human behaviors, noises, surfaces, and

Responsible Breeding Behaviors

A good breeder will take good care of the parents in which they intend to breed their puppies.

Genetics play a huge role in the future outcomes of offspring, so ensuring that all doggy parents have a good solid pedigree will give you the lovable puppy we all want.

Proper legal protection such as offering a guarantee for puppy replacement after around 18 months is the most respected practice for good breeders.

Good ways to confirm that a breeder is reputable will appear in testimonials from other people who may have gotten their puppy from someone, talking to the breeder beforehand and getting the rundown of the various treatments and life experiences that the puppies have been placed in.

It is highly recommended to schedule a visit before accepting the purchase of any Labradoodle puppy.

Labradoodle breeders can even offer you the pick of a puppy from a future litter. The most common practice with this approach of buying is a small deposit of about $250-500.

Another payment is then requested after the litter is born and being placed in the breeders’ care until they’re old enough to be adopted.

The Life Switch after Buying a Labradoodle

The thought of buying a fluffy bundle for the family to love and care for is all well and done, but it’s a lot of work and dedication too.

If it’s the young children who have promised to play with the puppy and take care of everything it needs, be aware that this isn’t the best reason to buy a puppy.

While the enthusiasm is contagious, the chances are that they will not be as dedicated to taking care of it for as long as it actually needs before it gets better suited to living with the family and in its new surroundings.

Take time to thoroughly discuss what it means to have a new Labradoodle puppy and consider all the changes that will have to occur after buying it.

A few topics to consider are:

● Puppy proofing — puppies will chew and grab anything they see in sight

Potty training — a Labradoodle is smart, but this doesn’t guarantee an easy toilet training experience

● Playtime and exercise — one of the highlights of a Labradoodle is its natural tendency to explore and have fun.

Exercising is crucial to its development and the more socialization it gets in its new environment will make the transition into your lives easier

● Grooming and feeding — as mentioned earlier, Labradoodles have longer ear hairs making them more susceptible to ear infections.

Proper bathing is also good for maintaining good health and keeping their fur shiny and healthy

The buying process for a Labradoodle takes work both beforehand and after. A Labradoodle is more than a dog; with the right care, they can be an excellent addition to the family.

A long term commitment like this can end up having lasting benefits and positive effects for the future.

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