Why is My Dog Nose Warm and Dry?

by Felesha Scott

It is possible that your dog just does not lick his nose as often as other dogs. Some dogs naturally have warmer noses than others, so a drier nose may be perfectly normal for your pup.

Several things can contribute to a dog’s dry nose such as the weather, dehydration, allergies, and irritant.

Situations like these require immediate treatment by your pet’s veterinarian to reduce discomfort to improve the dog’s sense of smell. Additionally, you can use a Snout Soother to help moisture your dog’s nose.

Does Your Dog Have A Fever If He Has A Warm Nose?

It is normal for the moisture and temperature of your dog’s nose to fluctuate throughout the day. Your dog’s nose may be warm as a result of the temperature outside.

A fever may indicate that your pet is fighting an infection inside or outside his body. If you know your pet well sometimes, you can tell right away when he/she isn’t feeling well, especially if they pass up their favorite treat or meal that they are usually anxious to eat.

The best way to know for sure if your dog has a fever is to actually take his temperature using a digital dog thermometer. Normal body temperature for your dog is between 101 and 103 F.

How Do You Know if Your Dog is Happy?

Golden Retrieve Sticking its Tongue Out

Interact with your dogs as often as you can to understand their moods so that it is easier to figure out when something is wrong with them. If your dog seems sick, feels warm, seems to lick her nose more excessively than usual, and is coughing or sneezing profusely you should have him examined by your veterinarian.

Check for unnoticed infected cut between your dog’s paws and his toes. An ear infection, a bad tooth, urinary tract infection, pneumonia, encephalitis, fungal, bacterial or viral infection can all cause your pet to get a fever.

If your pet is showing any of these symptoms take your pet to the vet immediately.

What Causes Your Dog To Have A Dry Nose and How To Treat It?

Shih tzu dog dry nose

Disorders, like lupus or pemphigus, can cause changes in the surface of your dog’s nose that can lead to its dryness, cracking, or bleeding from breaking too severely. These disorders are diagnosed through testing your dog’s blood and urine, and through performing a biopsy on his nose.

Excessive sun exposure, especially to dogs that do not have enough protective coating, can cause them to have sunburned skin on the nose which can peel and crack.

Pug dog trying to lick nose

Dogs, such as Pugs and Bulldogs, who can’t lick their nose very well because of the shape of their skull are very susceptible to thick, crusty, chalky, cracked nose because they are not able to keep their noses as moist as it needs to be.

Allergies are a leading cause of dry noses in dogs. Plastic is also a common dog allergy that can cause your dog to have a dry nose. Remove any plastic feeding containers that your dog may be eating or drinking from and replace them with stainless steel and ceramic bowls.

Give your dogs small amounts of water to drink. This can help to keep them hydrated.

Speak With Your Dog Veterinarian

Ask your vet to prescribe a lotion specifically designed to hydrate and nourish the skin on your dog’s nose and one that is safe for your dog to ingest.

Do not treat your dog’s dry nose with over the counter skin lotion, because most are not safe for ingestion. Follow up with your veterinarian if you notice any weird looks on your dog’s nose.

Why are Dogs Noses Wet and Cold?

Shih tzu dog wet nose

Your dogs lick their noses to help themselves regulate their body temperature. Because dogs don’t have sweat glands like you, they secrete sweat from the pads of their feet and their noses.

Dogs use their nose to interpret and understand their environments, through sniffing.

When your dogs lick their nose, they transfer all sorts of particles to scent detection olfactory receptors that they have on the roof of their mouth to help them understand their surroundings.

Pay close attention to your dog next time she is sniffing something. Notice how she licks her nose soon after she is done sniffing whatever she was. She does this to transfer all the information about what scents other dogs, cats, or animals have left.

Dog Tear

Apart from breathing and smelling, your dogs use their noses to drain excessive tears from their eyes. Their noses have sweat glands as well that helps them cool down through perspiration, just as much as how panting regulates their body temperature.

Having a wet noses work better for smelling. Your dogs rely on their sense of smell to interpret their world, and scent particles stick better to these moist surfaces, hence why they lick their nose.

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Noses?

A spaniel licking nose

Dogs lick their noses to transfer all sorts of scent particles to their scent detection glands to better interpret and understand their environment, and these particles stick better on wet surfaces.

A dry nose is uncomfortable for your dog, and it interferes with their ability to be great sniffers. Sense of smell is one of dogs’ strongest strengths.

The moisture in your dogs’ nose helps them analyze and understand the world around them. Dogs are not able to smell efficiently without a wet snout, and this can cause them to become agitated.

Dogs lick their noses to cool down. Their noses are densely filled with blood vessels and capillaries that causes the blood circulating in their nose to cool down when they lick their noses.

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