Why Do Dogs Pant?

by Vivvy A
Spaniel Dog Panting

Panting may mean that your dog is excited. It also helps your dog moves hot, moisture-filled air in and out, increasing moisture evaporation in the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, mouth, and lungs. This cools the body from the inside out.

Your dog can’t sweat through his skin as you do, so pants and sweats through his paw pads to cool down. Panting may mean that your dog is tired due to exhaustion from physical activity or hot, so be sure always to have water to keep him hydrated.

Dog Panting and Shaking

Labrador Retrieve Panting

If your dog is panting and shaking simultaneously, this may indicate that he is severely stressed, especially with a change in his routine or environment. Ensure that you reassure your dog that he is in a safe environment, be patient and give him time to adjust if necessary.

If you suspect that your dog is doing this non-stop for days on, call your veterinarian and ask if you should bring your dog in or should you keep monitoring the situation.

Dog Panting at Night?

If your dog is panting at night, it may be because of the temperature in your home; make sure that your house is not too hot. Try keeping a low-stress environment to prevent your dog from being anxious, like having a quiet and low lighting home.

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