15 Best Pet Birds for Beginners

by Vivvy A
Sun conure parrot eating from owner hand

For beginners, the best pet birds to go for are the simple ones—nothing overly complicated at first. Well, not until you know the nitty-gritty stuffs about birds. You might be surprised at how you might prefer the simple stuff to the complicated ones. 

Below are 15 of the best pet birds you should consider if you’re a first-time bird owner;

1. Finches

group of finches sitting on a perch in a cage

They are the smallest pet birds in the gregarious group. Irrespective of their small size, they are strong bird species. You can choose to keep a good number of these birds just in case. They are also good singers for your pleasure at leisure.

2. African Grey Parrots

African grey parrot perched on a stick - best pet birds

They have superior talking ability and intelligence. This particular species of bird can start to speak six months after birth. This particular pet bird is more popular for its bright red-colored tail. They are also able to form very strong connections with you and your family.

3. Caiques

Originating from the Amazon basin, these pet birds are popular as clown parrots. These are medium-sized birds but are a little bit costly due to their bright color and excellent features.

4. Pigeons

Pigeons eating grains from the floor

When scouting for a quiet bird that is great for an apartment, pigeons are one of the best choices. In any region of the world, the playing pigeon is a popular pet bird. These pigeons come in varieties that suit their different purposes.

5. Ring-necked Doves

Photo of a ring-necked dove

When it comes to pet birds that require less care, your best selection is the ring-necked dove. They are one of the easygoing, natural-friendly pet birds with less maintenance.

6. Cockatiel

Closeup photo of a cockatiel parrot sitting in a cage - best pet birds

This pet bird is one of the most popular birds in the world. They are good at adjusting easily to a family with children. They are also playful and social pets you can have around children.

7. Domestic Canary

Domestic canary with a nice plumage in owner's hand - best pet birds

They are attractive and cheerful in nature. They have good vocal abilities with their melodious songs.

8. Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrot bird sitting on the perch

Also known for their talking ability, the amazon parrots are talented pet birds with great personalities. They have remarkable speech ability with an excellent interactive ability with families with kids.

9. Toucan

Toucan sitting on tree branch in tropical forest

These species of birds are famous for their long and colored beaks. They also have colorful feathers and are closely related to woodpeckers. They are common and popular in the zoo and museums but also qualify as pet birds.

Though not very easy to train and are not really domesticated birds. So maybe not the best beginner bird but ok if you like a challenge.

10. Hyacinth Macaw

Hyacinth Macaw standing on branch outside

Originally originating from North America, these colorful birds have no issue attracting humans. Their bright colors, long tail, and beautifully curved beaks make them stand out very well.

11. Sun Conure

Sun conure parrot eating from owner hand

These birds are some of the excellent pet birds that you will find in varieties. They are attractive due to their stunning appearance and brilliant behavior nature.

12. Pionus

They are friendly, easy-going, and secret parrot that fits well into a family setting. They have talking ability and create friendship quickly with their owners.

13. Cockatoo

Yellow-crested cockatoo bird flaring the crest

These are highly sociable pet birds in the world of pet owners. They are curious, intelligent, and highly mischievous birds. Cockatoos are very famous for their crest feathers.

14. Song Canary

Canary bird perched in the garden

Song Canary is the most domesticated type of birds in the canary group. They are bright and colorful birds and are easy to manage.

15. Rosella

Crimson Rosella eating while standing on owners hand in the afternoon sunlight

This pet bird is mostly famous for its vibrant bright color and excellent feather color combination. For maintenance, you can do this with little effort.

People choose pet birds for different purposes and from around the globe. Most of these birds can adapt faster to some environments than others. The pet birds on the list are some of the top picks you can choose from if you’re a beginner who wants to own a bird.

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